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You Arent Supposed To Know
 Name of book:You Aren't Supposed To Know: A Book Of Secrets
 Author:Steve Gillman
 Blurb:A Book Of Secrets - Read Minds, Boost Iq, Save And Make Money, Subliminally Influence Others, Find Treasure, And More.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Secrets Of Success, Subliminal Persuasion
  • With "You Aren't Supposed To Know: A Book Of Secrets" unlock the secrets Of how to read minds, boost your IQ, save money, make money, see the real news, subliminally persuade people, find treasure, see through lies. You Aren't Supposed To Know is packed full of that kind of powerful information.
  • Some of what you'll get:
    -How to use subliminal persuasion. They'll do what you want and be happy doing it. Convince employers to hire you. Get people to help you. Use secret words, body language and other tools. Some techniques are easy enough to try the moment you read about them.
    -How to find anyone. Learn how.
    -Hypnotic writing.
    -How to get the "real" news.
    -How to tell if someone is lying. Dozens of indicators to watch for, plus several tricks to trap a liar.
    -How I make a living online. How about making money with simple web sites on topics you like? You'll see how it's done.
  • Chapter 10 will show you how to beat a Lie Detector Test. In other chapters you'll learn how to:
    -Develop your intuition
    -Cure phobias and use other valuable NLP techniques
    -Have laser-like powers of concentration
    -Be more creative
    -Use zero-down real estate investing techniques
    -Motivate yourself instantly
    -See through the tricks credit card companies play on you
    -Fix your credit report
    -Ask the right questions to make your business more profitable
    -Get free things without getting ripped off
    -Improve your memory
    -Lose weight (67 easy ways).
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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You Arent Supposed To Know
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