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Creating Wealth Without Risk™
 Name of book:Creating Wealth Without Risk
 Author:Steven E. Waters
 Author bio:In Creating Wealth Without Risk author Steven E. Waters shares his vast knowledge, experience and step-by-step system of investing in tax lien certificates.
 Blurb:Learn How-To Profit 16% to 300% with Safe, Certain and High-Yielding Tax Lien Certificates
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • Here's just a sample of what you will learn in "Creating Wealth Without Risk":
    -Learn how and where to buy tax lien certificates and earn 16%, 18%, 24% up to 300% interest
    -Purchase homes all over the USA for as little as 2 or 3 cents on the dollar, and own them free and clear of mortgages
    -In-depth instructions on how to uncover your winning investment strategy
    -How to select the best tax lien certificate states offering the biggest returns
    -Learn how to purchase high-yielding tax lien certificates through the Internet
    -Capture enormous returns with minimal risk using my super-simple ten-step tax lien certificate investment system
    -Minimize your risk and maximize your returns with my complete due-diligence research system
    -How to purchase tax lien certificates with little to no competition
    -Save yourself a bundle of time with my complete state-by-state tax sale summaries
    -Learn the statute mandated interest rates, redemption periods, bidding process, auction dates, and how to take title free and clear of all mortgages. Each and every state is covered
    -Realize massive returns tax deferred even tax free through a self-directed IRA
    -The contact information for the top ten officials including their phone numbers, address, and in many cases web addresses
    -Know the exact questions to ask with my pre-printed tax lien certificate forms
    And much, much, more.
  • "Creating Wealth Without Risk" will help you take full advantage of the tremendous wealth-creating potential of tax lien certificates. It reveals how you can start earning safe, certain, and highly-profitable returns of 16%, 18%, 24% up to 300% per year with government issued tax lien certificates.
  • The information contained in "Creating Wealth Without Risk" could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. In fact, I personally know of "gurus" out there who are charging an arm and a leg for their over-hyped and over-priced courses. I'm delivering a whole lot of value in Creating Wealth Without Risk and my hope is that you will tell anyone that wants to learn more about this amazing investment to buy my book.
  • Price: $24.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Creating Wealth Without Risk™
Creating Wealth Without Risk™
Price: $24.97