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World's Best Compost
 Name of book:The World's Best Compost
 Author:Rod Turner
 Blurb:Make The World's Ultimate Natural Fertilizer, Colloidal Humus, Without Bins, Turning Or Odor.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Compost, Natural Fertilizer
  • World's Best Compost" is the only step by step guide available to make this ultimate plant and soil food, without turning, without bins, without tumblers and without odor. The author reveals the secrets on how to create real colloidal humus compost step by step and how you will benefit immensely from it. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in "Worlds Best Compost":
    -The method of feeding plants in a totally natural way that results in the most tastiest, divine food you and your family will ever have.
    -Why do you use much less water in your garden now using colloidal humus compost?
    -The secret to healthy soil through massive microbial action.
    -What's the sheep mentality that almost all agriculture and garden advisors suffer from that costs you time and money on dangerous, toxic gardening and horticulture practices.
    -How to achieve a soil that "feeds itself" so you always get consistent results
    -How to create compost without a bin that doesn't repulse you or your neighbors with the smell.
    -Enjoy watching your compost heap create colloidal humus day by day without the back breaking effort of turning.
    -Why adding worms to your compost is totally unnecessary if you build it right.
    -Achieve soil so structured and friable you can dig it with your hands if you want
    -Create enough life giving compost in one day that will last you an entire year
    -How the colloidal humus compost you'll soon be making holds your plant nutrients like super glue holds your fingers together. So that with every rain or watering you're not washing them away to cause big problems in our waterways.
    -The sad fact that many "organic" gardeners fertilize their plants the way chemicals do, and they don't even know it.
    -Discover how a plant really feeds if you give it half a chance
    -Nature removes the weakest. That's why most growers have to pour high amounts of poison on their gardens to try and thwart nature
    -Why your plants are probably "too wet" on the inside, causing a multitude of fungal problems that you can easily avoid by doing even less work.
  • You'll also learn:
    -Healthy produce grown in harmony with nature stays fresh and inviting for much longer than any factory farmed (manufactured) pulp that is passed off as food today.
    -It's a proven fact that insect pests are attracted to unhealthy plants. You'll find how to enliven your plants with colloidal humus and let the bugs bug someone else
    -You'll have all your gardening, non gardening friends and neighbors fluoro green with envy with your glowing garden and exquisite flavored produce.
    -Learn why naturally grown food is far more satisfying to you than what you used to get.
    -Food grown naturally with colloidal humus compost contains far more vitamins, minerals and life giving energy than any other food. So that you need less to satisfy your hunger
    -Healthy problem free, glowing plants grown with colloidal humus are a great thing of beauty. Awaken your latent appreciation for Nature and her wonderful ways.
    -All the benefits and uses of what is normally called compost these days are greatly magnified and enhanced by using true colloidal humus compost that you can easily make for yourself.
    -How do you achieve a final compost that has 10 times the plant nutrient you put in to start with?
    That's just a fraction of the gold you'll discover in "Worlds Best Compost".
  • You will have answers to these questions:
    -What's the absolute best material that should be in every compost?
    -Why is colloidal humus compost so effective that it's effects can be seen up to 30 years later from a single application?
    -Why is composting your kitchen and garden waste in this way the most environmentally sound way of disposing of it?
    -Why is hydroponics as far from natural growing as you can get?
    -Why do compost tumblers serve you up a mere ghost of what you need and are a waste of money if you actually want compost that really feeds your plants?
    -What's the peak time of soil structuring power and effectiveness in your compost's life?
    With just a little practice you will turn out world class compost.
  • Price: $34.77 - Get Ebook Now
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