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Write Advice EBook(R)s
 Name of book:Miscarriages Hurt Men Too
 Author:Peter Burdon
 Blurb:EBook(R)s On Men & Miscarriage And How To Write A Biography Or Your Own Autobiography In As Little As 10 Days.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Miscarriages Hurt Men Too" is a 47 page ebook. In this book men uncover their true feelings after their partners suffer miscarriages. This book is for:
    -Any man who has been through a miscarriage with his partner
    -Female partners who are unsure how their male partner is coping
    -Anyone who wants to support either partner after a miscarriage.
  • Miscarriages Hurt Men Too is a collection of case studies of 12 men from around the world. They discuss how they coped and how they supported their partners. They also give a word of advice to others who may go through such trauma. What men will learn from this book:
    -That men react in a huge variety of ways
    -What your partner wants from you
    -What you need to do for yourself
    -That it's OK to feel the way you do.
  • Many relationships break up after a miscarriage. Unfortunately, this is usually because of a communication breakdown between partners. By reading this book, both partners will understand each other better. What women will learn from this book:
    -That your partner may not feel the same way you do
    -The different feelings he may be experiencing
    -What he needs from you
    -That he may be feeling quite different to what you perceive.
  • Price: $14.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Write Advice EBook(R)s
Write Advice EBook(R)s
Price: $14.95