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The Battery Reconditioning Report
 Name of book:Battery Reconditioning: Start Your Own Niche Business
 Author:Not Available
 Author bio:The author is a electronic technician with additional experience in the power tool industry.
 Blurb:Discover the Secrets to Reconditioning Batteries and Make a 6 Figure Salary!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Battery, Battery Reconditioning
  • In Battery Reconditioning, you will learn how anyone can learn to be an expert when it comes to battery reconditioning. You will learn how to recondition and rejuvenate batteries and revert reversed cells. You'll:
    -Learn how to recondition rechargeable batteries - Keeps a battery healthy and can extend the run time of your batteries.
    -Learn how to rejuvenate dead batteries - This simple procedure can revive seemingly dead batteries.
    -Learn how to measure a battery's charge capacity - This tells you how much energy a battery can store at a given time and allows you to measure the improvement that you made.
    -Learn how to revert a reversed cell - When a cell is reversed in a battery pack it is really bad. Learn how to revert it back.
    -Learn why batteries need to be reconditioned - Learn the theory in plain English, how a battery develops the memory effect and how reconditioning reduces and eliminates this effect.
    -Learn how to tell if a battery needs to be reconditioned - Some batteries may not respond well to reconditioning. Others will dramatically improve. Learn how to tell the difference.
    -Learn how to perform all these procedures with inexpensive tools - This will allow you to do everything to achieve maximum results and to go into business reconditioning batteries.
    -Contains 46 pages - Detailed instructions in each section explains exactly what you need to do in plain English.
    -Large full color photographs. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  • Complete Battery Reconditioning Report solves the problem of pre-mature dead batteries and increases the life span of the battery up to 5 times. Here's what you'll find inside this in depth guide:
    -Who am I and why am I Qualified (About the author)
    -Tips to Prolong the Life of NiCd or NiMh Batteries
    -Tips to Prolong the Life of Lithium-based Batteries
    -Investing in a Good Smart Charger
    -Why Batteries Need to be Reconditioned
    -How to Test your Battery with a Voltmeter
    -How to Test your Batteries with a Battery Analyzer
    -How to Recondition a Battery without a Battery Analyzer
    -How to Recondition a Battery with a Battery Analyzer (The Best Way)
    -How to Rejuvenate a Battery
    -How to Revert a Reversed Cell
    -How to Recondition Lead Acid Batteries (Automotive)
    -Glossary of Common Battery Terms.
  • Price: $49.97 - Get Ebook Now
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The Battery Reconditioning Report
The Battery Reconditioning Report
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