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Nr.1 Roulette System
 Name of book:Roulette Advantage System
 Author:Dr. Raymond J. Wilson
 Blurb:Discover Insider Secrets On How To Make Up To $1,000/Day At The Wheel.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Online Casino, Roulette Tips
  • “Roulette Advantage System” is a system that is guaranteed to work even in the long run. You'll make only sure bets and leave the casino almost every time as a winner once you learn:
    -The “Goals Defining Formula”.
    -How to immediately join the “elite” rank of pro player status.
    -A complete list of betting rules and odds every pro player must know by heart in order to make a respectable income at the wheel.
    -Every aspect about the game of roulette including the history of roulette, how the game developed, the most important changes that occurred in the game and how to use this knowledge in your favor.
    -All about roulette personnel including the dealer, the croupier and all you need to know about the "man in the sky" and best of all you'll learn how each casino personnel should be treated to get the best results for you.
    -How to calculate the house edge you have to beat when playing at the single zero wheel as well as at the double zero wheel.
    -The bet combination you should never make, unless you really want to lose all your chips in no time.
    -The secret bet to use to save capital for disaster when you have a very, very bad day.
    -The “Dozens Hidden Secret”.
    -3 money-saving advices for new players or beginners and 4 powerful tips to save you from a painful disaster.
    -Online Roulette vs. Real Casino Roulette
    -2 important laws every player must understand before starting the “ Battle ” against the casino.
    -If you are a beginner, learn how to practice at no financial risk.
    -2 Killer tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes that could easily bring You into a financial disaster.
    -3 reasons why playing numbers is a quick way to ruin.
    -Discover who is your biggest enemy in the casino and how to defeat it before is too late.
    -The 13 most deadliest sins that can plague your play every time and how to stay away from them.
  • “Roulette Advantage System” is much more than a normal money making system. You will learn insider secrets like:
    -Why casinos win so much more than the odds in their favor.
    -4 rules every gambler should follow from the moment you enter into the casino.
    -Why almost 99% from all casino players are losing in the “long run” and what you have to do in order to not become one of them.
    -Find out why greed and impatience can rush you to ruin in no time and how to control your emotions like the real pros.
    -2 hidden strategies on how to play and win when there are no Number Boards available.
    -How to use the Number Boards in your favor and find out where you can get the best betting opportunities
    -8 great advices on how to get in control of your money.
    -2 hidden secrets on how to sweet a relationship with the roulette dealer
    -How and when is the perfect moment for tipping the dealer and how much is appropriate?
    -How to leave the casino as a winner 2 times out of 3 and how to build wealth on this principal.
    -How to keep an accurate record on how you are playing.
    -The 10 rules to follow when playing at the wheel to win consistently.
    -2 hidden secrets to help you make a nice income even in the “long run”
    -25 “Even Chances Betting Systems” divided in two major categories: “Stacking Systems” and “Mathematical Systems”.
    -12 “Layout Betting Systems”
    -9 Strategies on how to spot the dealer's footprints and use them in your advantage.
    -The “Neighbors betting technique” and how can a great neighbor bet bring you thousands.
    -14 important aspects on the way to play today and manage to win consistently.
    and much more.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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