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Train Your Horse & Cure Bad Habits!
 Name of book:How To Tame and Train Wild and Vicious Horses
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:EBook Package Revealing Powerful And Effective Horse Training Techniques Of Old Time Master Horse Trainers.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Horse Training, Horse Training Techniques
  • This forgotten manuscript by a Master Horseman reveals his proven step-by-step formula for taming and training any wild or vicious horse in as little as 4 to 6 hours. The authors of "How To Tame and Train Wild and Vicious Horses" were truly expert Horsemen. With this complete arsenal of horse training information you'll get the whole method from getting a colt from pasture through riding to even getting your horse to lie down or follow you.
  • In "How to Tame and Train Wild Horses", you'll find secrets like:
    -How to tame and train a wild horse naturally and gently
    -How you can use the "Three Fundamental Principles" to get the better of any horse.
    -How to "say good-bye" to disobedience
    -How to remove a horses fear of certain objects by using this little known secret of how a horse really decides if an object is safe or dangerous.
    -How to succeed in getting the colt from pasture "as easily as the hunter drives quails into his net."
    -How to stable a colt without trouble and even have him "go in of his own accord".
    -The best type of halter to use, the right way to fit it and why you should never put a rope halter on an unbroken colt.
    -How to use the horses most important sense to empower your training techniques.
    -The sure fire key to building a deep bond or connection with your horse
    -Who you should have with you in the stable with when training a horse.
    -The best type of switch or whip to use in training.
    -How to control a horses movements as you approach - using your own body movements.
    -How a horse will learn to "read" your feelings and the two feelings a good horseman or horsewoman should never "show" their horse.
    -How to ensure your horse won't pull or rear when haltered and exactly where you should stand when you halter a horse.
  • And if that's not enough, look at some more of what's revealed inside:
    -How the author was able to walk colts into a stable "in less than a minute, after men had worked for half an hour trying to pull them in."
    -How to easily saddle even the wildest colt.
    -How to mount your horse and exactly where your first ride should take place
    -The three great advantages of a simple tool that will let you mount even the wildest horse and how to tell when it is safe to mount.
    -How to use the reins in ways that "will stop any horse from jumping ahead, rearing up, or running away" and gently make a stubborn horse move, even "when whipping would have no effect."
    -How to tell when to finish the first ride
    -The simple and failsafe technique to break a kicking horse "without any possible danger of hurting himself or you either".
    -How to use the bit to give your horse "a nice and graceful carriage - without hurting him, making him mad, or causing his mouth to get sore."
    -How to eliminate balking - even when deeply ingrained!
    -What to do if your horse is very wild BEFORE you drive him for the first time.
    -How you can use one simple fact about the awesome strength of a horse to your advantage.
  • Price: $37.77 - Get Ebook Now
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Train Your Horse & Cure Bad Habits!
Train Your Horse & Cure Bad Habits!
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