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Golf Swing Eureka! Groundbreaking & New.
 Name of book:Golf Swing Eureka!
 Author:Jon Barrett
 Author bio:The author is an amateur golfer.
 Blurb:A Golfer Reveals How He Discovered An Aspect Of The Golf Swing Known By Only 1% Of Golfers And Knocked 30 Shots Off His Round.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Golf Swing, Golf Swing Secrets
  • Golf Swing Eureka! will:
    -Open your Eyes to aspects of the Pro Golfers swing that few golfers know about
    -Give you a rock solid foundation on which to base your swing development
    -Correct a misperception that 80% of amateur golfers have about where the power really comes from in the golf swing
    -Provide you with the tools to allow your mind to truly accept how the Pro golfer produces power without effort
    -Identify a specific position in the Pro golfers swing
    -Lots of other useful and extremely relevant information.
  • Just some of the things you'll find in 'Golf Swing Eureka!'
    -It will show you where to get a Free piece of software that will correct the incorrect view of the golf swing caused by our 'adult' mind
    -Show you 3 things that every amateur golfer must use to improve
    -Every section provided with colour illustrations and golfing jargon free!
    -A single checkpoint in your swing that makes sure you're in exactly the same position as the pro's
    -The 3 Golden Rules of the Golf Swing - the 3 absolute MUST's to unlock your true golfing potential
    -What YOU must see that very few golfers see
    -Where to get some of the best available basic golf swing instruction absolutely Free
    -2 swing fundamental
    -1 simple change to your set-up that will add 20 yards to your drives!
    -The single hardest thing that amateur golfers find difficult to believe about the pro golfers swing
    -The amateurs single biggest good swing killer and how to fix it
    -The best way to practice to eliminate the fault of 99% of amateur golfers.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Golf Swing Eureka! Groundbreaking & New.
Golf Swing Eureka! Groundbreaking & New.
Price: $37.00