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Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed
 Name of book:Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed
 Author:Scott Myers
 Blurb:Easily Slash 9-to-11 Putts Per Round From Your Golf Game In 5 Minutes Using Breakthrough, Step-By-Step Instruction!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Golf Putting, Golf
  • Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed is jam-packed with all the information you need to gain a consistent, repeatable putting stroke, accurately control your distances and get a straight-as-an-arrow putting stroke. A proven "cut-to-the-chase", highly effective, step-by-step formula for becoming a better putter. It's an easy to read, easy to follow book that you can sit down and devour in a short period of time, and then instantly go out and follow the step-by-step instruction and start putting better immediately.
  • Here's a little taste of what's revealed to you inside "Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed":
    -The #1 mistake most handicap golfers make when putting.
    -The deceptive appearance in your grip that causes all golfers to believe the wrong thing about making a good putt!
    -How to properly grip the club for the best putting you've ever had!
    -The proper stance
    -How to take advantage of the "natural arc" in your putting stroke
    -How to physically and permanently prevent your wrists from "breaking down" when you putt.
    -Which hand should be "in charge" of the putt?
    -The One Simple Key to accuracy
    -How to get your body into the best physical position for seeing the line of the putt.
    -How to make all your putts as smooth a silk
    -The key to overcoming the dreaded "distance" demon!
    -How to get your ball close from a L-O-N-G way away!
    -Distance control so precise, you'll be rolling your ball exact distances to anywhere on the green.
    -How to take the way you currently grip your putter, and guarantee it keeps the putter-face dead-square to your target through the entire stroke.
    -Know without a doubt, how long your stroke needs to be for each, and every putt to roll it right to the bottom of the cup.
    -Make your putting stroke so dead-square, your ball will have no choice but to go exactly where you've aimed.
    And that's not all.
  • You'll also discover:
    -How to immediately align your body at address so you become completely square to your target.
    -Discover the ideal position your ball needs to be in to assure perfect contact and a true roll on each and every putt.
    -How to find your body's natural rhythm and tempo and make certain you're using it to your advantage on every stroke.
    -How to use a single golf ball and the law of gravity find your ideal ball placement at address.
    -A virtually unknown way to control your putting distances with pinpoint-precision from anywhere on the green!
    -The quick and easy way to correctly and accuratly line up your putt
    -A simple method to guarantee your body is perfectly aligned to your target!
    -The little known secret for putting your ball the perfect speed on every putt!
    -The truth about how to really keep your putterface square throughout the entire stroke.
    -How a simple change in the way you begin your stroke can give you 10 times more consistancy!
    -How to quickly and easily adjust your grip to allow your hands to naturally "release" the putter through the stroke.
    -Why almost everyone is wrong when trying to "feel" for putting proper distances.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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