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The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf
 Name of book:The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf
 Author:Andy Brown and Joe Dante
 Blurb:Discover How Golfers Use This Simple Golf Book And Audio Course As Their Secret Training Tool In Their Quest For Lower Scores.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Golf, Golf Training
  • "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf" by Andy Brown and Joe Dante is the quickest and easiest way to learn golf. Inside this magnificent course you'll get pages and pages of well-written practical golf instruction and hours and hours of comprehensive golf tutition. Absolutely everything any golfer would need to explode their game. The course is divided up into 11 comprehensive sections that you can read. The ebook and audio course consists of a 11 chapters, 56 pictures and over 5 hours of audio. Here's what this jam-packed golf instruction course includes:
    Chapter 1. - What You Can Do. Why don't more people play better golf than they do
    Chapter 2. - Sweeping Out the Rubbish
    Chapter 3. - Getting Set: The Grip and the Stance
    Chapter 4. - The Backswing
    Chapter 5. - At The Top
    Chapter 6. - Starting Down
    Chapter 7 - Through The Ball
    Chapter 8 - The Short Game
    Chapter 9 - In And Out Of Trouble
    Chapter 10 - The Early Break and the Late Hit—Secrets of Timing and Rhythm
    Chapter 11 - Thinking Your Way Around.
  • Here's what this must-have book and audio course includes:
    -How The Left Hand Should Look On The Club. You can't afford to get this wrong! (page 24)
    -Looking At The Inside Of The Left Hand. See how the club should lie in relation to your palm. Discover what must always be between the club and the root of the little finger. (page 25)
    -View How The Right Hand Goes On The Club. Learn exactly where the club lies and where the forefinger has to be! (page 26)
    -Learn How The Right Hand Fits Against The Left One. I reveal the correct position for the right palm and the base of the left thumb. (page 27)
    -The Magic Of The Completed Grip - It Can Make Or Break Your Swing. It's crucial you get to see this view before hitting another golf ball!! (page 27)
    -The View Of The Completed Grip With The Club Held Up. What you need to know about the right hand's little finger. (page 28)
    -Attention: The Three Perfect Golf Stances. Explore the three possible stances and how they can make a remarkable difference to your game. (page 30)
    -The Secret Illustration That Will Keep Your Swing Compact Forever. A guaranteed and unrivaled way of improving your swing. (page 32)
    -How To Address The Ball With The Correct Position Using The "Trouser Fly Technique"! We expose the wrong and right positions of this amazing secret. (page 33)
    -Discover How To Check Your Distance From The Ball. This easy to use method works for everyone! (page 35)
    -Where To Place The Ball. The four basic positions: for the driver, for the fairway woods, for the long irons, for the medium and short irons. (page 37)
    -There Is ONLY One Way The Right Hand Should Move From The Wrist. Take the time to study this well - it is crucially important to your success. (page 40)
    -Learn How The Backward Break Is Made. These breakthrough TWO illustrations pinpoint the exact hand and wrist positions - not to be miseed. (page 41)
    -How The Backward Break Looks From The Side. Pay particular Attention to the bend in the left writst and the position of the club face. (page 42)
    -The Wrong Break. Note the difference in the left-hand position and observe also the differences in the club-face positions. Never do it like this. (page 43)
    -What You Should See When You Make The Backward Break Perfectly. The position of the knuckles can not be over emphasised. (page 44)
  • You will learn:
    -The Backward Break Off The Forward Press. A key move you will very quickly learn to make with your eyes closed! (page 45)
    -The Completed Break And How To Easily And Quickly Learn It. Note how to turn the left shoulder and not duck it! (page 46)
    -A Common Fault In Executing The Break And How You Can Eradicate It Forever. The left shoulder has ducked, the player substituting the duck for the correct turning actio.n (page 46)
    -The Wrong Break Altogether And The Secrets To Correct It. Discover all the check points to ensure this never happens to you. (page 47)
    -What You Must See When You Turn And Look At Your Hands After The Backward Break Is Completed. Simple when you know! (page 48)
    -What You Will See When You Have Made The Wrong Break. There is no way you will be in the right position at the top now! (page 49)
    -The Open-Face Take-Away That Leads To So Much Trouble And How You Can Quickly Correct It. These two illustrations highlight this fatal flaw and how to get rid of it! (page 52)
    -How The Bad Backswing Leads To The "Easy-Chair Slouch" And How To Easily Fix It. You'll never hit a good one from here! (page 53)
    -How To Have The Correct Backswing And Play Superb Golf. Understanding that the backward wrist break and the relationship to the the club face is key. (page 54)
    -Learn How To Keep Everything Tight And Have The Perfect Position To Move Right Down And Hit The Ball Perfectly. These 5 checkpoints will ensure success for the rest of your golfing life! (page 56)
    -Focus On These Key Check Point Positions For The Top Of Your Swing. When you how many knuckes you should see the game becomes easy. (page 57)
    -How To Use The Shoulder Tap Test To Establish The Correct Swing Plane. This powerful two second method ensures you aren't too upright or too flat. (page 58)
    -The Fatal Flaws Of The Down Swing With The Quick Tips To Replace Them With The Magic Moves. The result is a weak slap of the ball. (page 61)
    -The Magic Moves That Will Accelerate Your Golf Game Overnight. Three remarkable illustrations that will change your game foreveR.r (page 62)
    -The Imaginary T-Square - We Show How This Will Benefit Your Golf ? Don't forget to study these 4 illustrations. (page 64 & 65)
    And much more.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf
The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf
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