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Betting Code Exposed
 Name of book:Betting Code Exposed: Get Into The Mind Of A Bookie
 Author:Bruce Goldmayer
 Blurb:Get Into The Mind Of Your Bookie And Make Him Cry.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • Betting Code Exposed ebook contains a betting code that bookies use and other priceless informations. You will learn in easy steps (supported with images) how to use the code yourself to beat your bookie constantly. With the knowledge in this ebook you will gain advantage versus 98% of public that constantly lose money and more importantly, you will gain advantage toward your bookie which will result in lots of money for you.
  • This ebook will not only give you the code but also bring you following informations:
    -Why Bookies Don't Show Public Percentage On Their Site
    -Why Bookies Show Lines At Independent Sites But Don't Show Where Money Is
    -Why Bookies Don't Adjust A Line When Public Is Heavily Betting On One Side
    -Where To Find Info On Scam Bookies That Don't Payout When YOU Win Big
    -How To Spot A Trap Line (There's A Reason Why Some Lines Should Be Avoided)
    -Is There A Such Thing As A Fix Game And Where To Get This Informations
    -How To Double Your Bankroll In A Certain Time Period Using The Betting Code.
  • Price: $49.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Betting Code Exposed
Betting Code Exposed
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