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Home >> Sports & Recreation >> Outdoor >> A Beginners Guide To Backpacking
A Beginners Guide To Backpacking
 Name of book:A Beginners Guide To Backpacking
 Author:Jacqueline Rogers
 Blurb:Find Out Below How You Can Enjoy This Fun, Relaxing Hobby Even if You Have No Experience or Are on a Shoestring Budget!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Backpacking, Backpacking Secrets
  • “A Beginners Guide to Backpacking” eBook reveals where to go, what to take, how to pack. It provides you with all the tips and information you need to pick the right gear and plan your trips. It will tell you exactly how you can take fun, exciting backpacking trips to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world – even if you have no experience and an extremely limited budget.
  • Here are just a few of the amazing backpacking secrets, tips & techniques this ebook will teach you:
    -The unwritten rules and backpacking ethics shared by fellow backpackers
    -How to properly plan for a backpacking trip
    -Five things you must know before going out on a backpacking trip
    -The truth behind the statement “great campsites are found – not made”
    -How to build a campfire safely
    -What to do with food to ensure that it is not stolen or eaten by animals
    -Four tips for remaining safe while backpacking
    -How to choose the right equipment
    -How to develop an equipment buying strategy
    -What to expect as far as backpacking costs
    -How to pick the perfect tent
    -How to pick the best backpack
    -How to select the right boots/shoes
    -How to pack using both external frame and internal frame backpacks
    -What type of clothes to wear
    -Tips for getting rid of human waste, for washing up and for cooking
    -What you should always bring with you on a hike that will last over one day
    -Four things to avoid while backpacking
    -What to do in case of a bear attack
    -How to survive an avalanche
    -Where to find drinking water
    And much, much more.
  • Price: $19.97 - Get Ebook Now
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A Beginners Guide To Backpacking
A Beginners Guide To Backpacking
Price: $19.97