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How To Make Fishing Lures
 Name of book:How To Make Fishing Lures
 Author:Vlad Evanoff
 Author bio:He is a master lure maker and fisherman. He is also the author a number of best selling fishing and angling books and has written many articles on fishing for leading outdoor magazines and newspapers.
 Blurb:Great fishing lures eBook with 10 Bonus books
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 Keywords:Fishing Lures, Fishing
  • This classic fishing reference book, written by Vlad Evanoff, will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about how to make your own lures. Benefit from the tips and tricks learnt over a life time of lure making experience by one of the most creative anglers in this exciting sport. Arranged in 13 information packed chapters you'll get the authors life time fishing lure making experience distilled in incredible detail as he gives the inside scope on:
    -Fresh water Plugs
    -Fresh water Spin Bugs
    -Salt Water Plugs
    -Metal squids
    -Eel and Eelskin Lures
    -More Lures
    -Leaders and Connections
    -Care and Repair Of Fishing Lures
    And much more.
  • This book details, step by step, the construction and assembly of almost every type of lure used in fresh and salt-water fishing: plugs, spin bugs, spoons, spinners, jigs, metal squids, and eel and eelskin lures. More than one hundred and fifty line drawings illustrate the tools that are needed and how the various lures are put together. There are complete details on how to make sinkers, leaders, and connections, and how to care for and repair lures.
  • Here is just a fraction of what you will learn:
    -Basic tools required - commonly found in almost every tool box: pliers, files, hammer, saws, vise
    -More specialized tools - for those who want to do a real professional job: hand snipes, punches, lathes, power tools
    -Lure and tackle parts and accessories - how and where to find them
    -Fresh water plugs - the different types and how to make them
    -Wooden plugs - the easy way to make these, get started with a broom handle!
    -The old time favorite plug - the wobbler
    -How to make 3 favorites - Propeller plugs, popping plugs and surface plugs
    -Painting your plugs effectively - and how to add eyes
    -The most effective lures for black bass fishing - spin bugs
    -Everything about spinning bugs - complete details on building many different types
    -The best color schemes - for spinning bugs
    -The best ways of using cork - when making lures
    -Why you should be making - your own salt water pugs
    -The best wood types - for making salt water plugs
    -The deadliest type of plug - for salt water fishing
    -How to test your plugs at home - for the correct buoyancy
    -Different types of hook hangers - and how to fit them to your plugs
    -Full construction details - on the bomb type popper, the salt water popper, the Swimming type surface plug, the Flap Tail surface plug, the Torpedo plug, the Darter plug and many more
    -The oldest fishing lures - made and used by man
    -The best metals - for making spoons
    -How to design, cut and shape metal - for your own spoons at home
    -The eight most popular shapes - used for making spoons.
    -The two types of spoons - most widely used for salt water fishing
    -How to easily attach the hook - to your home made spoon
    -Dozens of drawings - of different blades, barrel swivels, locking eyes and hook assemblies used in fresh and salt water spinners
    -Details of three old time favorites - the Propeller type spinner, the Cherry Bobber spinner and the Colorado type spinner
    -Why you can't beat the "French" type of spinner - for easy casting
    -Why jig type lures are one of the deadliest - in salt water fishing
    -The four basic jig shapes
    -How to use inexpensive molds - for casting your own jigs
    -Tips on using plaster molds - you can make at home
    -How to add hooks and eyes - when casting your own jigs
    -How to add hair or feathers - to finish off your jig
    -The four basic types - of metal squids and why they are popular for surface fishing
    -Three ways of attaching hooks to a metal squid
    -Eel and Eelskin lures - details on making your own
    -Details about using sinkers, leaders and connections
    -How to care for and repair - your lures.
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