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My Ice Fishing Secrets
 Name of book:How To Always Find The Best Secret Ice Fishing Spot And Catch More Fish Than You Can Carry Home ma
 Author:Ryan Scott
 Blurb:A Proven Method For Always Finding The Best Secret Ice Fishing Spots And Catching More Fish Than You Can Carry Home...Even If You’ve Never Ice Fished A Day In Your Life!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Ice Fishing, Ice Fishing Spots
  • This ebook is literally the bible of Ice Fishing. Learn how to ice fish with a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to find the best fishing hole and also how to:
    -Locate tons of fish under the ice
    -Use bait tricks to fool the fish
    -Get more strikes than your buddies
    -Save money by making your own equipment
    -To only fish at the right time of day
    And much more.
  • In the book you’ll discover ice fishing tips which will teach you to:
    -Learn the ways to produce fish even during the hard times of a mid-winter slowdown p. 33
    -The choicest secret fishing holes from around world. They could be in your backyard p. 52, 54, 55
    -Find out the best ways to breakdown ice at record speed (your search for schools of fish will be effortless) p. 23
    -You could be the James Bond of ice fishing. Using the best fish locator makes all the difference p. 40-41
    -Lean the Pennsylvania secret that can be applied to any ice fishing spot that can dramatically increase your catch rate p. 8
    -Lean how to find the fish under the ice and seduce them to bite p.14-15
    -The importance of scent to catching a fish on a calm, frozen lank and how fast it disperses. The relatively unknown tip of scenting lures to help attract fish p. 18-19
    -Learn the best knot tying technique p. 21
    -Know why a simple little gas in the water can make or break your Ice Fishing spot p.6-7
    -Learn the money saving techniques to build rod holders and shelters with simple items you already have lying around your house p. 24
    -Learn the correct line color to choose for maximum success. The right color and finish of the lure you select p.25-26
    -Learn the best times to ice fishETHEIR FEEDING TIMESEPlus, learn how to catch them even outside their feeding times! p.22
    -How to adjust your bait depth to maxmize your chances of catching your favorite type of fish p. 9-10
    -How artificial baits such as Berkely’s Gulp can be a better choice over live bait such as wax worms, grubs, maggots or minnows p. 27
    -How to make ice chip creation less stressful on the fish p. 59
    -Find out the best way to locate a superior fishing spot and snag it before anyone is the wiser p. 29-30
    -Discover the best hand auger on the market and how to make it work for you p. 31
    -How to use your auger noise to magnetically draw the fish to you p. 32
    -Why knowing which hook and line size to use will make your fish bucket overflow p. 16-17.
  • You'll also:
    -Know how thick the ice must safely be for two people to fish side-by-side p. 34-37
    -How an easy way to use weather shifts can help you gain an advantage over your ice fishing buddies p. 20
    -Learn why releasing what you don’t eat will guarantee an amazing ice fishing season next year p. 38
    -Learn the technique for proper tip-up selection for your favorite spot’s conditions p. 58
    -Know the special tricks to catch Bows, Burbot, Bluegill, Crappie, Lakers, Panfish, Perch, Pickerel, Rainbows, Trophy Northern Pike, and Whitefish p. 11-13
    -How long your learder should be to get the most strikes p. 39
    -Learn why cheaper monofilament is more suitable for the rigors of ice fishing p. 28
    -Find out the secret to keeping your minnows fresh between fish outings p. 42
    -The secret to making jigging with live bait using tip-ups more effective than with aritificial bait p. 45
    -How the vexilar flasher can be every angler’s best friend p. 48-49
    -Discover to secret to setting the hook p. 50
    -Fish lose their teeth constantly. How you can captilize on this anatomical fact and win p. 51
    -How never to jig up a tip-up incorrectly ever again p. 53
    -Soak your minnows in this “secret sauceEand you’ll catch walleyes by the bucket full p. 56
    -How to use spring bobbers to dramatically increase your bite sensitivity p. 44
    -Don’t spend a lot of money! You can be successful and comfortable at ice fishing without emptying your wallet p. 57
    -How to whip the fish up into a feeding frenzy (Here’s a hint: Meooow!) p. 60
    -Find the best shanty for you p. 61-62
    -The most effective time to use glow-in-the-dark lures over regular lures p. 46-47
    That’s really just a taste of what is covered.
  • And for the serious ice Angler, here’s some more of what the book reveals:
    -Learn why fish are so sensitive to noise
    -How to maintain your fishing equipment for maximum longevity
    -Why having a cigarette while fishing can halve your chances of catching anything
    -Discover why your mindset is your most effective weapon in catching fish
    And many more.
  • Price: $27.77 - Get Ebook Now
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