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Gain Muscle : Weight Training Routine
 Name of book:The Beginners Guide to Fitness And Bodybuilding
 Author:Marc David
 Blurb:The Beginner's Guide is oriented towards fitness minded men and women who are just starting fitness or bodybuilding.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Fitness, Bodybuilding
  • "The Beginners Guide to Fitness And Bodybuilding" is an amazing new e-book. It takes all the guesswork out of learning how to lose fat, gain muscle and sculpt your body into the exact shape and proportions you want. It contains some of the CRITICAL INFORMATION EVERY BEGINNER MUST KNOW BEFORE THEY START.
  • Here's what you will learn inside the beginners guide e-book:
    -The truth about how long it really takes to gain muscle mass and lose body fat
    -How to avoid embarrassing yourself and looking like a "dork" the first time you work out in a gym: Instead of feeling intimidated or nervous, you'll be able to walk into the gym like you own the place (or... if you prefer to stay at home... you'll discover what equipment to buy and how to get started on a shoestring budget)
    -The facts about genetics and your ultimate potential for muscle mass or leanness: Discover the truth about genetic potential and whether you will ever have a chance to look like a bodybuilder or fitness model
    -What you can expect as a beginner if you're starting after the age of 40 -Why steroids and performance enhancing drugs are totally unnecessary... IF you understand the facts about hormonally friendly training, nutrition and supplementation.
  • Here are some of the nutrition secrets The Beginners Guide will teach you:
    -What are the best foods to eat for gaining muscle and losing fat
    -What is the best percentage of protein, carbs and fat to eat?
    -What is the best formula to figure out how many calories I should eat?
    -Does the 40-30-30 "Zone" diet really work?
    -Does the Atkins diet work and is it safe?
    -Does the South Beach Diet work?
    -How am I supposed to eat healthy when I'm traveling all the time?
    -If I'm on a tight budget, how do I keep the cost of my food down?
    -I feel tired all the time - what is the best way to increase my energy?
    -How much protein should I eat every day?
    -Is food better than protein drinks or is it okay to have 2 or 3 shakes a day?
    -If I want to drink, which alcoholic beverage will be least harmful to my results?
    -Is it okay to drink coffee? What about diet soda?
    -What should I eat after I train? Is food okay or do I need to have one of those special "recovery" drinks?
    -Should I carbo load or eat anything special before workouts?
    -Is it really necessary to count calories?
    -Should I be concerned about the glycemic index?
    -How many times a day should I eat? I hear 6 meals a day, but what if I can't eat that often?
    -Should I eat different on the days I'm not training?
    -How much water should I drink?
    -How many calories do I need to eat to gain mass?
    -Are frozen vegetables okay?
  • All the answers to every question you ever had about supplements are inside The Beginners Guide to Fitness And Bodybuilding:
    -Do I need to take any supplements at all or is a balanced diet good enough?
    -Which 2 or 3 supplements should a beginner take first?
    -How do I get supplements cheap if I have a very limited budget?
    -What are the best fat burning supplements?
    -Does caffeine burn fat?
    -Does creatine really work?
    -When should I take my creatine?
    -What are the side effects of creatine?
    -Is the creatine loading phase necessary?
    -Is it necessary to take simple carbs with your creatine?
    -Does caffeine or anything else cancel out creatine?
    -I'm female and I don't want to gain weight - should I still use creatine?
    -Is whey the best type of protein?
    -Does NO2 work?
    -Does Glutamine Work?
    -Does ZMA work?
    -Does HMB work?
    -Do growth hormone releasing supplements work?
    -What are the best protein bars with the least sugar and fat?
    -It seems everyone just wants to sell you something. How do you know who to listen to for advice about supplements?
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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