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Sandbag Strength
 Name of book:Sandbag Strength
 Author:Josh Henkin
 Author bio:He is a world renowned strength coach.
 Blurb:Hot selling fitness program for athletes, weight loss and strength training.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Weight Loss, Strength Training
  • Sandbag Strength is a definitive manual, dedicated to the art of sandbag strength, perfect for trainers, coaches and athletes. The manual is easily organized into categories such as drags, carries, overhead work, etc. It includes 15 sandbag training workouts and routines.
  • Each of these training workouts are guaranteed to give you results as under:
    -Three different POWER circuits (perfect for any athlete who needs more power: football, basketball, soccer, etc.)
    -Three different COMBO workouts (incorporating sandbags into traditional weight room training!)
    -Four DENSITY training workouts (using Charles Staley's workout system to unparalleled strength gains in a short amount of time!)
    -Two COACH REEVE INSPIRED DENSITY training workouts (lower reps + lower rest = killer results!)
    -The BUSY MAN'S DENSITY training workout (how to fit these workouts into a very busy schedule)
    -Cluster STRENGTH Workout (perfect for any athlete needing more strength for sports)
    -Cluster SIZE Workout .
  • Sandbag Strength will:
    -dramatically improve your strength & power
    -become a faster athlete on the field
    -improve your balance & coordination
    -develop lightning quick agility and footspeed.
    -become a superior conditioned athlete
    -decrease unwanted bodyfat.
  • Here's just a few fresh and exciting exercises you'll discover:
    -The 'Headlock' Squat: this one works both your lower body AND upper body strength at the same time
    -Full Moon Snatch: one of the best full body power exercises you'll ever experience
    -Zercher Turkish Get-Up: a perfect strength and stability exercise that'll challenge even elite athletes
    and much more.
  • Price: $19.95 - Get Ebook Now
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