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 Name of book:Slot Machines Mastery
 Author:Bill Stone
 Author bio:He is a professional slot machine player.
 Blurb:Discover The Secrets That Casino Owner Are Hiding From You! Make Big Cash Playing the Slots!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Slot Machines, Casino
  • “Slot Machines Mastery™” is about How to become a casino money magnet. This guide is the most profitable and virtually foolproof system in the entire world. It is the only one that is based on two real core secrets about winning at the slot machines:
    Core Secret #1: Knowing How To Tell... With Almost “Swiss Watch” Accuracy... Which Machines Are “Pregnant” For Dumping BIG Winnings Into Your Pockets!
    Core Secret #2: How To Make Almost 100% Certain... You KEEP All The Cashola You Win!
  • The titillating and shocking secrets revealed in it are:
    -The 3 different types of “basic” (or flat top) slot machines... and which one you should never tangle with – unless you get a buzz outta being fleeced out of your bankroll!
    -How the casinos use a downright sneaky technique to dupe you into sinking your hard-earned cash into their slot machines!
    -The only time you should play “progressive” slot machines!
    -One thing you absolutely MUST know about progressive slot machines
    -How to develop and almost K-9 sense... so you can sniff out a progressive slot machine that is about to burst at it seams... and empty all its cash!
    -The one question you should ALWAYS ask the casino staff that will increase your chances of winning by a factor of 1,000!
    -How to mimic the pro's strategy to winning BIG TIME on the Bonus Video Slots!
    -Why you must always do your “stealth intelligence” work... before you get up close and “intimate” with a slots machine!
    -How to immediately join the “elite” rank of pro player status... and let the rest of the casino losers pay your days “wages”!
    -The very best proven versions of Bonus Video Slots to play – for the MAXIMUM chance of hitting the jackpot!
    -Learn the psychological dirty tricks used by the casino to assault your senses and scramble your brain... so your rational, sensible thinking “short circuits” and “malfunctions” leaving you virtually powerless to prevent yourself from losing all your bankroll at the slots!
  • Here are a few more “red hot” secrets you will learn when you take possession of “Slot Machines Mastery™”:
    -How to hone your slot playing skills to lethal perfection... absolutely FREE!
    -The 10 most common held myths about slot machines that may be screwing up your chances of ever hitting the jackpot!
    -How to use “insider” slot secrets to win the jackpot... and (if you choose) become a local celebrity by getting your picture with your giant sized winning check in your paper!
    -One simple question you should always ask yourself if you want to safeguard yourself from flushing away your winnings!
    -How to prevent yourself from ever being suckered into the “gamblers fallacy”!
    -How to ensure the casino staff become your “best friend” and give you tips on which machines are ripe for spitting out money!
    and so much more.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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