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The Perfect Golf Swing
 Name of book:The Perfect Golf Swing
 Author:Leslie King
 Author bio:He has taught golf for more than 30 years at the \\\"Knightsbridge Golf School\\\" in the West-End of London.
 Blurb:Discover the Insider Secrets, how to hit the ball really straighter and longer than ever before!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Golf Swing, Golf
  • The Master Key to Good Golf - the "Method" described in this book, is a System that is NOT based on muscle power, but rather is a classical SWING model. The Leslie King Method is different from muscle-bound weight-lifter, super athlete methods. It is marked by it’s simplicity and easy-to-learn techniques and repeatability And YOU profit already from the first chapter. The whole book is based on the Leslie King Model.
  • Here's what you can expect from the golf instructions included in this ebook:
    -The role of the body and the role of the arms and hands (p.5)
    -How to make the correct swing movement so the ball can only fly straight. Why the right grip is not the solution (p.9)
    -The secret of a long and lasting contact with the ball. (p.18)
    -Why the body has not an acting but a reacting role (p.5)
    -What the function of the set up is (p.6)
    -The kind of body movement which destroys your swing completely (p.8)
    -What a weak position during the addressing of the ball is and what your feet have to do with it (p.8)
    -Why the "orthodox" grip doesn't work for most players (p.9)
    -How to handle the club correctly (many pictures ) (p.10)
    -What the exact key to power and control over your stroke is (p.11)
    -The culmination of the swing and how to use it (p.18)
    -Front end therapy and which exercise will improve your swing and results dramatically (p.18-21)
    -The 3 basic requirements of a sound golf swing (p.22)
    -Open or closed stance: Which one is better? (p.24)
    -What the correct address position is and how you can adjust the distance to the ball as well as the club angle (p.26)
    -At which moment in time you need to position your feet in order to swing correctly... (p.27)
    -Why the backswing has nothing to do with generation of power (p.30)
    -How you can train a "left-sided dominance" and why you'll need it (S.33)
    -The correct beginning of the backswing and when your shoulders should unwind (p.36)
    -How you can avoid that your left side collapses making the downswing impossible (p.37)
    -Which angle to the line of swing the club head needs to have during the backswing (p.38).
  • Advantages you will have by following the lessons included in this ebook:
    -Your balls will not drift away anymore - You'll get the pleasure in golfing back and you'll never again have to be annoyed with your bad game!
    -You'll get a success system which has led many players into the world elite of golf players. 100% success quote when used correctly!
    -You'll save money because you don't have to pay a golf instructor anymore who often takes as much as $70 an hour...!
    -You can impress all of your golf partners - you've never played golf like this before. Gone are the days when they were joking about you because of your bad game!
    -You can start thinking about the best strategies for your play instead of always having to think about how you need to swing the club or how to hit the ball really straight - you'll reach a new golf dimension!
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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