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Witchcraft Exposed!
 Name of book:WitchCraft Exposed
 Author:Bogdan Ravaru & Giancarlo Capuccio
 Blurb:Powerful Spells about Love, Luck, Wealth, Money, Protection, etc. Guaranteed Results from the European Wizards.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Card Magic, Magic Trick
  • Almost-banned, powerful book reveals all about magick, spells and rituals and how to use them to improve your life - quickly, easily and safely.
  • Here's a list of the secrets you will discover in this amazing, one-of-a-kind GIANT ebook:
    -What magick truly is and why it's SO powerful... the different kinds of magick explained and how each of them can, and will help you - page 10
    -Exactly where most people go wrong with magick, the laws that govern magick and what to do to always receive an abundance of good stuff in life - page 11
    -The secrets of solitary witches - astral projection, spell-casting, divination, brews and potions --- why this works and why this book allows you to do everything 'solitary' --- without others finding out about your magick practice... - page 12
    -The broom, the magical circle, the cauldron, silver bells, crystal bowls, scarves, pentacles and the rest of magickal objects revealed at last. How you can get them and what they can do for you - page 13
    -The different kinds of magick - sympathetic, contagious, attracting, banishing, protective, binding - and how to use them for your personal use and even greater good in the world - page 14
    -The 4 + 1 elements of the nature, their colors, strengths and meanings AND the 15 the major and minor TAROT arcane explained - page 15
    -The real principles of behind all successful magick: mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause & effect, gender - page 16
    -Energy and the 3 planes of existence: physical, mental, spiritual. Most mages won't tell you about them and if you don't know this information many of your spells and rituals will fail! - page 16
    -What your own magickal place is and how to use it to increase the powers of the spells you cast... - page 17
    -Why having a small altar charges your spells with more powers, including how to set your own altar and use it- page 18
    -How to cast a magick circle to keep you safe from all harm and make your spells better - page 19
    -How to cast a dual circle and even a triple circle for even more power and even more protection... Everybody knows about a single circle but have you ever heard about this closely guarded secret? - page 20
    -How to enter the "alpha" state of consciousness... this is were you
    have powers over your destiny and gain control over your life - page 21
  • The book includes:
    -How to draw energy from the sun and always have it in unlimited reserves. Forget about feeling tired, it's time to feel ALIVE... - page 23
    -Personal energy EXPOSED - the 7 major chackras, 21 minor chackras and the other 101 energy points on your body that generate your aura or energy field and how to keep them healthy - page 23
    -What not to do when working with energy - ignoring this aspect can be DEADLY and not many courses will tell you about it! We show you how to make it safe - page 23
    -How to replenish your energy sources and never get sick again
    -How to develop your 5 senses to become more sensitive to magick energies and use them better.... - page 24
    -How to feel the energy in your palms, charge them and use them for healing AND feel your own auric field, detect disease and eliminate 'auric viruses' - page 24 & 25
    -How to feel the energy field of another person and even electronic objects like TVs, radios and computers... - page 26
    -How to see magick the energies of nature: animals, people, plants - in different colors and visions. This is the famous 'aura' that you keep hearing about... - page 27 and much more
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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