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Starting Your Own Home Daycare Business
 Name of book:How to Start and Operate a Day Care kit
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:An expert, professionally designed guide on how to start and succeed with your own daycare business.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Daycare Kit, Daycare Business
  • Created by successful day care operators and edited by industry experts, the How to Start and Operate a Day Care kit emanual guides you step by step through each essential stage of opening, operating and growing a successful daycare business. You'll be able to draw on more than 100 combined years of industry experience covering every conceivable topic in the daycare field.
  • In the manual you'll receive expert advice on:
    -Planning a New Day Care
    Extensive coverage on all aspects of planning your center
    -Getting Your Daycare Off the Ground
    Preparing Your Home for Your Business
    Dealing with Pets in Your Daycare / Home Business
    Safety Proofing Your Home
    Decorating Your Home
    Dedicated Space versus Shared Space.
    Yard and Play Space Development
    -Operational Policies and Procedures
    Payment Processing
    Rates and Fees
    Pick Up / Drop Off Policies
    Allergy Policies
    Meal Planning
    Potty Training / Diapers
    Religious and cultural considerations
    Holidays and Vacations Planning
    -Behavior and Development
    Dealing with Problem Children
    Educational Games / Instruction
    Daycare Curriculum Programs
    Discipline Rules / Policies
    Motor Skill Development
    Dealing with Biting and other Bad Habits
    -Daily Operations
    Planning Your Menu
    Dealing with Fussy Eaters
    Crafts and Activity Planning
    Naps and Rest Time
    Types of Care
    -Contracts and Forms
    Child Care / Business Contract
    Payment Terms
    Emergency Contact / Procedures
    Medication Policies
    -Business Operations
    Accounting System
    Record Keeping
    Insurance Needs
    Hiring Staff
    Background Checks
    -Marketing Your Daycare
    Attracting New Clients
    Marketing Methods and Tools
    Interviewing Clients
    Assessing Needs
    Building Referral Business
    Every aspect of operating your own daycare is covered in this extensive, professional manual.
  • Price: $27.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Starting Your Own Home Daycare Business
Starting Your Own Home Daycare Business
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