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Home >> Money & Employment >> Investment >> A Practical Guide To Swing Trading eBook
A Practical Guide To Swing Trading eBook
 Name of book:A Practical Guide to Swing Trading
 Author:Larry Swing
 Blurb:Learn to swing trade like a Pro.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Day Trading, Swing Trading
  • A Practical Guide to Swing Trading, will show you the safest way to consistent, confident profit-taking in any stock market. You'll be making regular, consistent, profitable trades in the fastest time possible. Through all the changing environments in the market it will explain strategies in a way you can easily understand. Guidelines that you can actually put into practice.
  • Here are just a few things you'll learn from this ebook:
    -The most quick,easy and simple ways to set yourself up as a profitable trader
    -The absolute truth about what it's really like trading in the market
    -A sure fire recipe for trading that is easy to understand and put into practice
    -Simple methods that you can apply within days so you can be profitable
    -How to make money no matter which direction a stock is going
    -You'll know the real way to get in and out of stocks within split seconds....
    -The secrets of knowing exactly what stocks to trade, the exact price to buy them and the exact price to sell them
    -Avoiding the big mistakes that all beginners make and the proven methods that will make you consistently profitable
    -The powerful tactics that will give you the advantage for profiting on huge intraday price swings
    -The little taught or practiced methods on how to actively manage your risks so you can realize maximum returns
    -And more important than tools, you will develop and maintain a winning state of mind.
  • And that's just the beginning, there's much more:
    -How to read into the market and let it tell you were it's going
    -The scientific approach to swing trading
    -How to identify buying opportunities
    -What to expect when placing your trades
    -Exactly how to identify appropriate stocks for swing trading
    -Pattern recognition criteria
    -The software and tools to use to be successful
    -The price, volume, moving average and shares that must be met before even thinking about a trade
    -Why you don't need to know everything about technical analysis, and the few that are absolutely essential to swing trade any stock effectively
    -The master plan that locks you into a disciplined trading style
    -Using the markets natural ebb and flow,or waves to take profits
    -Using the market makers greed and the public's ignorance to your advantage...and how to identify the bluffs
    -What time to place a trade and why
    -The science of true disciplined trading
    -What to do the day after your trades are executed
    -When and where to set your stops for buying and selling
    -The magic of shorting the market
    and much more.
  • Price: $39.95 - Get Ebook Now
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A Practical Guide To Swing Trading eBook
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