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Home Based Medical Billing Book
 Name of book:Medical Billing Beginners Book
 Author:Paul G. Hackett
 Author bio:He is the President of Stelo Medical Management and Stelo Enterprises.
 Blurb:The #1 selling medical billing book that shows exactly, step-by-step how to start a medical billing business from home.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Medical Billing, Medical Billing Business
  • "Medical Billing Beginners Book" educates people about the who's, what's, where's , when's and why's of getting involved in this potentially profitable industry.
  • After reading the 108 page medical billing books for beginners you'll know:
    -The truth behind whether this business can be started without any prior experience in this field
    -How much money you will really have to invest into starting this type of home based business
    -How to avoid getting scammed and overwhelmed trying to get started
    -What the best medical billing schools, medical billing courses, medical billing training programs and medical billing correspondence courses (on and offline) are and exactly where to find them
    -What the best medical billing software packages are
    -What a medical billing opportunity is, where to find them and who to contact
    -Who the best medical billing clearinghouses are and why you need them
    -How long it will take you to get up and running
    -What's the average medical billing salary for a home based medical biller is and what you can do ensure that the amount continuously rises
    -The how's and why's about the medical billing process and how to do it properly from home as a business venture
    -Examples of medical billing contracts, marketing fliers and other forms that you need to be familiar with
    -The correct way to choose a name for your business
    -How to set up your business entity legally in the eyes of the law
    -What three services at a minimum you should be offering to prospective physicians
    -How to set-up and develop the pricing for your services so that you're profitable and competitive within the marketplace
    -What equipment you will need to do the job like a pro from your home
    -Where the experts go to network with other medical billers (new and old)
    -Where the expert medical billers go when they have questions
    -What HIPAA is and why it impacts you as a medical billing business
    -What you must do to get doctors for your business and where to find their contact info
    -How and where to go to market your business and services
    -What you should be saying to prospective physicians and their staff to secure their business
    -What kinds of paperwork you will need and where to go to download or purchase them
    -Most of'll be able to decided based on facts if starting a home based medical billing service is the right business for you or not.
  • Price: $30.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Home Based Medical Billing Book
Home Based Medical Billing Book
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