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eBay® Selling Strategies
 Name of book:eBay Selling Strategies
 Author:Anita van Wyk
 Blurb:Interviews with 19 eBay® Experts and Powersellers reveal the Answers to all your eBay® Questions!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Ebay Auction, Ebay Selling
  • In eBay Selling Strategies you'll discover powerful tips and tricks to help you succeed on eBay. 19 eBay Experts shared their secret tips and techniques for making money on eBay. They'll teach you how to find your niche, what the best products are, where to find them and most importantly HOW TO SELL them on eBay. Their answers to 151 questions in total have been documented in two volumes. In the 201 pages of Volume 1, you'll hear from 18 of these gurus. In Volume 2 you'll discover even more gold nuggets when Sydney Johnston holds nothings back as she draws on almost 10 years of eBay experience. A great resource section and ideas on where to go from here completes the 53 pages of Volume 2.
  • In the 254 pages of these e-books(Volume 1 & 2), you'll discover:
    -Where to find free resources revealing the hottest selling items on eBay
    -How to write the ultimate auction listing that will send you a never ending rush of new and repeat customers
    -Countless ways to help you determine your niche
    -A simple formula for virtually doubling your sales with each auction
    -How to instantly determine if a hungry, cashed up market for your product truly exists
    -The easiest, single most profitable product to sell on eBay
    -How to build a database of clients you can market to again and again!
    -Powerful ways to motivate your visitors to buy from you
    -The ultimate way to profit from other people's passions and hobbies without even knowing anything about it
    -12 Tips for organizing your time and staying sane
    -How to profit from each visitor that sees your auction - not just the winning bidder!
    -A simple technique to drive insane amounts of FREE traffic to your auction. Sit back and watch the bidding frenzy unfold once you know where to spread the news
    -Where to find any product you want to sell
    -How to set up your auction empire so your customers keep coming back!
    -How you can make huge profits with what you already know
    -How to release the secret and magic power of your "About Me" page
    -Where to get large amounts of feedback in a hurry
    -What group of people spends the most money on eBay and what to offer them
    -Different types of auctions and which type is best for your product
    -What software the powersellers are using to manage their auctions
    -Creative ways to discover new product sources.
  • You will also learn:
    -6 Habits of highly effective eBay sellers
    -How to use other people's mistakes to your advantage
    -27 strategies for getting people to call you and ask YOU to sell their treasures.
    -The "other" product all eBay shoppers will want to buy from you
    -Where to get products for wholesale and even 5 to 20% below wholesale!
    -How to deal with negative feedback and encourage positive feedback
    -Why you're throwing money down the drain if you don't have an eBay Store
    -3 Examples of how to set up an eBay store that will deliver a tidal wave of buying customers day after day
    -Your Quickstart, step-by-step guide for setting up your very own eBay store
    -What the top 10 powersellers are selling right now
    -How you can sell more than one product to your winning bidder
    -How you can easily encourage potential buyers to trust you
    -Types of products you can quickly create and sell in addition to your offered product
    -How to reduce auction fees while raking in maximum profits day after day
    -Where to find the tools that will almost entirely automate your business
    -Dropshipping explained, complete with 7 steps to fully illustrate the process
    -How to optimize your eBay store so the search engines send you more traffic than you can handle
    -Why you wouldn't want to tell the world you're a powerseller
    -What type of products to avoid
    -What common mistakes newbies make and how you can avoid falling into these traps
    -How consignment selling works and the 3 things you must do to be successful as a consignment seller
    -How to use eBay - the correct way - to promote your website
    -Why your eBay business should not rely solely on dropshipping
    -How you can use eBay to locate products you can sell for a profit
    -When you need to pay tax
    -Do you really need a passion or niche to make a killing on eBay
    -Growth Strategies to guarantee your business never stops expanding
    And much more.
  • Price: $27.95 - Get Ebook Now
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eBay® Selling Strategies
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