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Seduction For Guys In Relationships
 Name of book:Super Sex Power: Magnetism (2007 Version)
 Author: CR James
 Author bio:The author is a Signal Processing Electrical Engineer (and Philosopher and Poet and an Analytical Genius) with a passion for Persuasion Psychology.
 Blurb:Discover How To Easily Seduce Women Using The New Ssp Seduction Techniques.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Seduction, Women Seduction
  • The mission and goal of this Seduction System is super simple:
    -To help you get more sex
    -To provide you with a step by step plan - using unique Battle-Tested Techniques for enhancing her sex drive
    -To reveal my 8 secret mind atates where women deeply crave sex and to show you how to effortlessly get her in each of those sexual states of mind.
    -To show you the importance of creating your own seduction techniques, allowing you to customize various lust-creating systems (and angles) for your special lady.
    -To show you how to have a consistent sex life by maximizing your seductive potential.
    -To show you the "secret process" of getting out of the endless cycle of rejections.
    -How to easily seduce your wife
    -To show you the deadly things that turn women off!
  • In Super Sex Power: Magnetism (2007 Version):
    -You will learn the power of "words".
    -You'll learn the exact reason she may be sexually reserved with YOU
    -How to escape the loop of a dysfunctional sex life.
    -You will learn how to remove anti-seductive characteristics forever.
    -You will discover the 4 things that you better do before you ever think about initiating sex.
    -You'll learn how to create your own seduction techniques [priceless].
    -You will learn the "secret strategy" of making her initiate sex.
    -You will learn an easier way to move her to one of the states of mind where she is motivated to have sex.
    -You will learn the biggest mistake that 95% of seduction courses are making.
    -Learn the 5 simple things that you need to concentrate on more than anything.
    -You will learn 8 key states of mind where she is highly motivated to have to sex.
    -Learn a silly "thing to do" that is guaranteed to enhance your Sexual Magnetism.
    -You will learn the reason why women in relationships are easier to seduce.
    -Discover the one thing that most guys do that prevents women from being open to new sexual adventures.
    -Learn the instructor's actual seduction formulas!
    -You will figure out if you are doing something very common that is extremely anti-seductive.
  • Here's more of what you'll learn:
    -The #1 ingredient you should have before you perform any technique.
    -Learn how great it feels to walk around feeling more confident and manly.
    -You will learn how to use the dynamics of GAMES to Power Charge her libido
    -Discover for yourself why MANY seduction programs are considered one-dimensional
    -The "Table of Contents" is actually a Sequential Formula
    -Discover the 3 super simple phases of the one secret method.
    -Learn the many bizarre reasons to why she has sex.
  • You'll also learn:
    -The 14 magical ingredients to instantly turn you into a Lust Magnet
    -Make this one change and you could see your sex life sky rocket
    -Discover if you are a "special type" of anti-seductive character
    -A silly "thing to do" that is guaranteed to enhance your Sexual Magnetism
    -Learn the "over-looked" initiation dynamic
    -The 7 "hidden" cases of anti-seduction.
  • Price: $77.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Seduction For Guys In Relationships
Seduction For Guys In Relationships
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