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Home >> Money & Employment >> New Products >> Definitive Guide To Raising Capital 2005
Definitive Guide To Raising Capital 2005
 Name of book:The Definitive Guide To Raising Capital 2005
 Author:Bob Ryan
 Blurb:Fund Your Business Or Idea In 30 Days or Less! Guaranteed.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "The Definitive Guide To Raising Capital 2005" is truly an amazing insider guide. It's a "straight from the trenches" goldmine of proven information, tactics, tricks and insight into raising money. It will take you by the hand, answer all of your questions... and show you exactly how to do it. It shows you in great detail what you should and shouldn't do -- where you need to look, how to find, who to deal with, what to say and exactly what to do.
  • Here are some of the amazing secrets, tips and techniques you'll learn in this course:
    -Where you can get a quick money to fund any project you can think of and get it in the next 30 days or less
    -Amazingly simple strategy that'll Double, Triple, Quadruple, or even multiply by 10 times the amount of money you receive within 24 hours of putting it into action
    -4 ways you can you can quickly and easily get all the money you need for any business, idea or opportunity
    -The most important decision you must make when you are searching for money... and how to make it intelligently and morally
    -A can't miss way for you to get hundreds of investors to back up your proven projects
    -How to Guarantee yourself virtually instant results with the "Ready, Fire... Aim" strategy
    -The 10 most common mistakes people who are looking for money are making
    -Learn about the ONE and ONLY reason why you either get all the money
    -A simple step-by-step formula for locating those hard to find "Financial Angels"
    -A subtle, powerful psychological strategy which motivates even the stingiest investors to open up their pocketbook
    -How to apply the six secrets of 30 day money raising challenge
    -How to develop your own "RED HOT" list of high ticket investors
    -The exact 9 word phrase you should say to potential investors
    -An easy, no effort strategy which allows you to raise all the money you need right through the mail
    That's just a small sampling of what you'll get in this step-by-step, power-packed course.
  • Here's what else you'll learn:
    -How a little-known "positioning secret" helps you break down the funding barriers which have held you back before
    -The ONE huge mistake all inexperienced people make when looking for capital
    -The "Inside Scoop" on various government financing programs and how you can use them to your benefit
    -A four-step, no-fail, sure fire system you can use to raise more money than you ever thought possible
    -The secret advertisement that you can run in your local newspaper which will have your phone ringing off the hook
    -A truly "no-brainer" system for finding "Angel Investors" in your area
    -Tips from the pro's on how you can safely "pyramid" your money into a much larger sum legally and ethically
    -The 36 most overlooked capital sources and how you can use them to get your hands on all the money you could possibly need
    -Learn The Ten Commandments Of Raising Capital
    -The Five Most Common Sources Of Short-Term Working Capital
    And a lot more.
  • Price: $49.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Definitive Guide To Raising Capital 2005
Definitive Guide To Raising Capital 2005
Price: $49.95