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Wedding Planning Secrets
 Name of book:How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding On A Shoestring Budget
 Author:Melinda Barton
 Author bio:International Wedding Planner
 Blurb:How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding On A Shoestring Budget.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Wedding Planning, Fairytale Wedding
  • The book has over 176 Money-Saving tips. That's One-Hundred and Seventy-Six! (A friend of mine who read the book actually counted them!) It is impossible for you to not find at least a dozen ideas on how to slash zeros from your budget while still having your fairytale wedding.
  • Here's a sample of what I share in the book:
    -The easy way for anyone to negotiate with wedding vendors!
    -5 easy steps to getting organized for the wedding. Disorganization is where all stress, tension, and uncertainty comes from!
    -How to dramatically save on your catering costs! My book shows you nine different ways.
    -12 ideas on how to get your wedding cake on a budget!
    -Secrets to setting the most cost-effective date and time for your wedding!
    -Vital tips on selecting your bridal party.
    -Nine specific questions you must ask every vendor before you sign a contract or pay a deposit!
    -The simplest thing you can do to literally save thousands on your wedding!
    -The cheapest time of the year to have a wedding!
    -The cheapest time of the day to have a wedding!
    -How to decrease stress in the lead up to your big day. This has got nothing to do with money!
    -14 ways to save on decorating costs!
    -Over a dozen cheaper, alternative ideas for entertainment that will thrill your guests!
    -Budget conscious themes for your wedding - everything from a barn to an aeroplane!
    -The engagement ring secret that helped one bride save $1,350!
    -How to judge the real quality of a diamond in 4 easy steps!
    -Ten budget-slashing tips for your wedding dress!
  • The book includes:
    -How to save money on bridal party expenses!
    -How to assemble a ??Wedding Disaster Kit'! You'll thank me for this if anything goes wrong!
    -Learn an eye-opening invitation secret that will save you a packet at the same time!
    -How to politely ask guests for money instead of a gift!
    -8 unique ideas for transportation that are all cheap!
    -How I saved $825 on flowers ¡§C it was easy and anyone can do this!
    -Why you should never buy your wedding flowers from a florist!
    -The one gigantic mistake couples make when selecting a photographer!
    -6 more tips for saving money on photos!
    -All the questions you must ask before booking the reception venue!
    -A barely used secret for saving at least 50% on alcohol costs!
    -How to dramatically save on your catering costs!
    -21 ideas for bridal party gifts and bonbonnieres!
    -Some extra money saving tips for your wedding night and honeymoon!
  • There's a whole bunch more in the book too. Brides who have read the book say that it was like a bible for them while they were planning their wedding. They literally didn't go anywhere without it by their side, just in case they needed to refer to it.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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