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 Name of book:IBInterviews:80+ Answers To The Toughest Investment Banking Interview Questions
 Author:Brett Riley
 Blurb:Answers to over 80 Investment Banking Interview Questions.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Interview, Banking Interview Questions
  • "IBInterviews: 80+ Answers To The Toughest Investment Banking Interview Questions" contains the exact information you need to nail your IB Interviews including:
    -Over 80 specific questions that have been asked at REAL interviews at REAL investment banks, with questions added by staff and previous customers
    -Model answers and tips on how to answer every single one of these questions
    -5 sections - Fit/competency questions and answers, economy-directed questions and answers, quantitative and technical questions and answers and firm-specific questions and answers
    -Questions added by both staff AND previous customers
    -Details of free websites you can visit to obtain crucial financial facts and figures that you will need for your interview.
  • It will show you:
    -How to answer questions on stock & company valuation
    -The effect of key economic indicators on the stock market
    -The right thing to say when asked how to value different derivatives
    -How to find quality stocks and industries to talk about at your interview
    -How to positively defend yourself when challenged by a tough investment banking interviewer
    -Important accounting terms which you must know before even stepping into an investment banking interview
    -Discover how to calculate tough math questions in your head
    -What to say when asked about mergers and acquisitions
    -The factor that most interviewing experts say is the most important in approaching banking technical questions
    -Specific questions that the interviewer will ask you about the firm -- you have to know this stuff!
    -The impact of recent global conflicts on the world economy
    -How to answer questions on derivatives
    -How to demonstrate your leadership qualities in your answer
    -How to answer tricky questions about time-management
    -The quantitative formulas that every investment banking candidate should know like the back of their hand!
    -How to show that you can handle excessive pressure
    -Discover how to answer the dreaded stress questions that I-Banking interviews are so well known for
    -How to display that you can work long-hours in the fast-paced banking environment
    -How to communicate effectively with an investment banking interviewer
    .. plus tons more.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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