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Wealth: Power Surge - Jobs Wealth, Home
 Name of book:Power Surge
 Author:Annemarie Doolin
 Author bio:Annemarie excelled in the area of business and finance management and was asked to lecture in this field. She chose to work in the corporate world for 20 years, however she discovered her real passion lies in the exploration of 'consciousness' and the science of how we 'create and manifest'. Annemarie now lives in Copenhagen devotes her time to writing about and teaching “wealth consciousness (which equates to 'Wellness' ” to entrepreneurs using The Mirror formula in her book Power Surge. NEW E-BOOK OUT "Home Your Wealth"

She spends her free time exploring the universe for more effective ways to service prosperity into the life of anyone who wishes it.

Annemarie now lives a rich life with her dream partner, doing what brings her great joy...a far cry from the depressing and lonely life she led before she discovered her insights and put The Mirror to work.
 Blurb:Wealth:Power e-book online - Gives you the edge and help to get your new job, money, health - Power Surge.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Job, Wealth
  • Discover the staggeringly powerful easy 4-step formula for magnetising life long wealth, giving you a positively unfair advantage in business, relationships and life in general. Equip yourself with a revolutionary way to attract success. "Power Surge" takes you by the hand, through a STEP BY STEP PROCESS of empowering every situation into a wealthy experience using your Wealth Filter. Success is not dependent on your education, background or resources, it's dependent on your consciousness - you and only YOU. When your consciousness is wealthy, everything you desire is magnetised TO YOU.
  • "Power Surge" reveals secrets such as:-
    -a new layer of vision uncovering all the hidden places you're leaking power
    -ability to measure the power behind everything from a pen to your home
    -a phenomenal way to use men and women around you to magnetise wealth
    -a wild way to use shopping to activate your power
    -a wildly unique filter to remove all ‘resistance' to wealth
    -a magic formula for using ‘boring, domestic routines' to reach your goals
    -how to jump the learning curve
    -unfair advantages in business
    -a formula to give you back full control of your power in a situation
    -ability to out smart your hidden agents who don't want you to succeed
    -an end to hit and miss decisions
    -real achievement at the end of every day
    -ability to turn your emotions into wealth
    -how small changes effect everything
    -a nuts and bolts ways to create results with what you already have
    -deeper truths Einstein didn't have time to discover about the law of attraction!
    -a phenomenal 16 hour plan to keep you from being sick, broke and stuck
    -a layer of vision that lays out ‘abundantly obvious' decisions
    -a ‘game'concept that creates real results in 16 hours.
  • Price: $36.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Wealth: Power Surge - Jobs Wealth, Home
Wealth: Power Surge - Jobs Wealth, Home
Price: $36.00