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Marketing With Blogs And Rss Video eBook
 Name of book:Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS
 Author:Brandon Hong
 Author bio:Author, Infopreneur & Online Marketer
 Blurb:Unleash power of blogs and rss. List in Yahoo for Free save $299.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Internet Marketing, Blogs
  • MARKETING RAMPAGE with BLOGS and RSS: How YOU can get more targeted, cash rich and ready buyers. Here's a sneak peak of the secrets that creates a rampage of targeted traffic, cash rich and ready buyers to your site:
    -Seven ways to drive traffic and increase sales to your site with blogs -How to easily get a blog on your site by adding a link (video)
    -Gain new subscribers and helps you sell more to your existing customers and potential ones with RSS feeds
    -Top five mistakes you should not do with your blog, unless of course you want to drive away your prospects
    -Dominate your market niche with RSS feeds (video)
    -Increase your web site ranking with blogs
    -How a blog can add a voice and a personal touch to your site
    -Attract your prospects and clients coming back to your site for more
    -Unleash your message to thousands of propsect right to their doorstep.
  • Here's other secrets you'll learn from "Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS":
    -3 easy steps to create your blog (video)
    -9 ways to make money with your blog
    -Get your blog read with these five simple tips
    -Create a blog on your own site with a few simple clicks (video)
    -Learn more creative ways and ideas to use your blogs for marketing by visiting other popular and top blogs
    -Brand yourself as an expert with blogs
    -Increase your search engine ranking within 24 hours by putting a blog on your site (video)
    -Discover what is a "ping" and how you can use it to instantly let your prospect know your message or content (video)
    -Understand the difference between a blog and rss feed
    -Announce your blog to millions of people with just one click of your mouse button (video)
    -Post photos to your blog with a few simple mouse clicks
    -How to create your feed in less than 10 minutes. (video) Guaranteed.
    -Learn to read news feed as easy as checking your email (video)
    -Where to find newsreaders that are FREE
    -Optimize and track your RSS feeds (video )
    -Blast your feed to the TOP 20 major feed directories, sit back, enjoy a cup of tea while watching your traffic and sales "explode", in the comfort of your own home (video )
    -Gain more prospects to subscribe to your news feed (video )
    -How to let your web site visitor subscribe to your feed with a simple button (video)
    -Let the whole online world know about your feed (video)
    -Searching for niche keywords before creating your feeds (video)
    -Dominate a niche market with feeds
    -Ensure the profitability of your news feeds.
  • Here's a sample listing of the video tutorials you will get.
    -Create your blogging account
    -Writing and publishing your blog
    -Difference between Blog URL and RSS Feed URL
    -Two simplest ways to create your blog
    -How to subscribe to RSS Feeds
    -Ping your blog to the world
    -Host your own blog
    -Putting a blog on your site by changing a link
    -How to create RSS feeds
    -Tracking and "burning" your feeds
    -Using a newsreader
    -Finding niche keywords for your feeds
    -Adding your feed to Yahoo and MORE
    -Posting photos to your blog.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Marketing With Blogs And Rss Video eBook
Marketing With Blogs And Rss Video eBook
Price: $97.00