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Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed
 Name of book:Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed:The Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Strategy
 Author:Wayne M. Davies
 Blurb:The Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Strategy.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Tax Secrets, Small Business Tax Reduction
  • Forming a corporation is the best to reduce your taxes by thousands and protect your personal assets from business-related lawsuits. "Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed" explains the major tax benefits of each corporate entity. There are literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of tax-reduction strategies explained here.
  • Here's just a few of the corporate tax secrets revealed:
    1. How to deduct 100% of your medical bills even when your business has a loss
    2. How to save thousands by legally shifting your business income to other family members in lower tax brackets
    3. How to avoid the dreaded "double taxation" of corporate profits
    4. How to use a corporation to legally reduce your employment taxes by 40% or more. Sole Proprietors and Partnerships often pay twice as much employment taxes as Corporation owners.
    5. How to deduct your business losses immediately, offsetting thousands of non-business income. Find out what type of corporation enables you to deduct losses against your other "non-business" income, saving you a bundle in taxes
    6. Discover how to use the Limited Liability Company like a "chameleon", with the phenomenal ability to provide legal protection while being taxed like any of the other entities
    7. Find out how to take advantage of the 2003 Tax Cuts to lower your business income taxes as well as your personal income taxes. The ebook un-ravels the complexities of the new rules, making sure you know how to use these new rules "the right way" to slash your taxes
    8. How to reduce the tax on the sale of your business by 20% or more!
    All these tax tricks are exposed in the new ebook, "Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed: The Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Strategy".
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed
Incorporation Tax Secrets Revealed
Price: $37.00