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Bookshock Publications
 Name of book:Making 3D Games with Reality Factory
 Author:Dan Valeo
 Blurb:Pdf Books, Software and Online Games.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:3d Games, Online Games
  • Making 3D Games with Reality Factory is a 208 pages, step by step guide to using the Reality Factory open-source game engine. The most sophisticated open-source game engine available. Make complete 3D games faster and more easily then you ever have before. Although Reality Factory is an open-source game engine, it can also be used by those who have no programming exerience at all. Whether you are an advanced C++ programmer or a complete newcomer to game development, Making 3D Games with Reality Factory, will have you making commercial quality games in no time at all.
  • Making 3D Games with Reality Factory is an illustrated, step by step guide. Here is a brief description of a few chapters found inside:
    -Using the world editor - Learn how to efficiently use the world editor to create error free levels quickly
    -Building a level - A complete walkthrough of the RF Demo game, Space Escape
    -Adding models and doors - Add single doors, double doors, locked doors, one way doors and elevators
    -Creating actor files - Create actor files using low cost and freeware tools
    -Adding first person weapons - Step by step instructions for turning any model into a first person weapon
    -Writing pawn scripts - Learn how to write pawn scripts with the powerful, but easy to use RF Scripting Language
    -Heads up display - Making HUD graphics and adding a HUD to an RF demo
    -The RF Menu - Learn how to modify the default RF Menu
    -Advanced level design - Read about a few techniques that can be used to create very large levels, while keeping a high frame rate
    And much more.
  • Price: $12.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Bookshock Publications
Bookshock Publications
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