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Lottotrix E-Book
 Name of book:If you can't win the lottery, then change its rules !
 Author:Stefan Vandevelde
 Author bio:Lottery expert
 Blurb:If you can't win the lotto,then change its rules. (legal !
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Lottery, Jackpot
  • If you want to win that jackpot once in your lifetime (don't expect it tomorrow) then there are a couple of things you must do :
    -Always stay 2 steps ahead of the draw. A better way to win the jackpot -simply does not exist. (I will teach you why and how)
    -Always play with money you can afford to lose
    -Always play together with some friends (that's cheaper)
  • This is what you're about to discover...
    -A lotto draw is not what you think it is. Discover now why most of us lose the jackpot at the beginning of the draw and not at the end.
    -See 100 % proof that, once you "survive" the beginning of the draw, your chances to hit the jackpot improve up to 9180 % !
    -No sir, you haven't seen a jackpot winning ticket yet ! I'll show you one. Ladies and gentlemen : "the magical one".
    -No, the odds are not against us ! Not only do they express a chance of something(s) to happen, they ARE something as well. And it would be stupid not to take full advantage of that !
    -You don't need to predict winning numbers. Using a powerful trick shows you why that is.
    -There is a very clever way to control the sequence of the draw ! We can't manipulate the draw itself, that would be illegal and only happens in Hollywood. But there is a way !
    -Unleash the power of mathematics. Winning a pick 5 or pick 6 jackpot becomes as easy as winning a pick 3 or pick 4 type of lotto game. Guaranteed !
    -Master the art of designing your very own "smart tickets" in no time. Use one of my 38 highly unique "lotto-grids" to change the rules of almost any lotto in the world !
    -A complete guide on how to set up your own lottery club with your friends and colleagues at work, plus all the legal papers involved to make a written agreement. (Those jackpots are big enough to share with one another, but they are also big enough to trigger a dispute !)
    -On top of that, when there is a roll-over draw, I will teach you how to play almost any "pay lotto" for free. (In my book, you will find plenty of reasons why people are more than willing to pay the extra buck for your tickets. You will play for free !)
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Lottotrix E-Book
Lottotrix E-Book
Price: $29.95