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Save Your Relationship
 Name of book:Save Your Relationship:The 21 Basic Laws Of All Successful Relationships
 Author:Dr. Brenda Shoshanna
 Author bio:For over 30 years she has been working in New York as a Ph.D psychologist and psychotherapist. She is a a therapist, speaker, relationship expert and workshop leader. She has written many critically acclaimed books.
 Blurb:The 21 Basic Laws Of Successful Relationships.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Successful Relationships, Relationship Problems
  • In Dr. Shoshanna's ultimate relationship guide you will find answers to common relationship problems. There will be instruction, exercises and wisdom never brought together in one program. SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP : 21 Basic Laws of Successful Relationships e-book is filled with techniques, examples, discussion, and step by step guidance. You will learn how to overcome the most difficult relationship problems, and create the relationships you've always dreamed of. This simple, direct and effective program has worked for hundreds.
  • Here are 5 crucial and proven principles to building healthy relationships you may not have heard of:
    1. It's the practice of love that makes everything right - Having healthy relationships is a practice
    2. You must stop feeding your upset - You have the capacity and power to choose your focus
    3. How to reject rejection - Rejection is more about your partner, than you
    4. How to stay positive, no matter what's going on
    5. How to respect yourself and your partner - Your independent well-being is a must, for a healthy relationship with another.
  • Here are some common mistakes we make that ruin our relationships:
    Mistake #1 Trying to change your partner
    Mistake #2 Feeling like you're a failure in love
    Mistake #3 Believing you have to be "Good Enough" to keep their love
    Mistake #4 Rejecting your partner so they can't do it first many reject their partners as
    protection against being rejected themselves
    Mistake #5 Believing your partner should read your mind - Know what you want
    without your saying a word
    Mistake #6 Believing it's your partner's job to make you happy
    Mistake #7 Believing it's hard to get him to talk
    Mistake #8 Being addicted to fighting.
  • Here are some topics you will explore in SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP:
    -How to reject rejection
    -The biggest fear in relationships
    -The difference between real and counterfeit love
    -Where love is hiding
    -The power of forgiveness
    -Real communication - What is it?
    -How to clear up misunderstandings
    -How to break the addiction to fighting
    -How to stop holding on too tight
    -How to welcome growth and change
    -Relationship weeds, and how to pull them
    -Getting him to talk
    -Different ways men express their love
    -The secrets of non-verbal communication
    -How to balance your relationship
    -How to renew your love for each other.
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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