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The Viral Virus - CB Bestseller
 Name of book:The Viral Virus: QR Codes @ Work
 Author:Bobby Marhamat
 Author bio:The author is world’s leading experts in Mobile and Internet marketing. Currently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Verizon Wireless EVO.
 Blurb:Learn how to use QR Codes to drive customers directly to your business.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:QR Codes, Marketing Campaign, Marketing Strategies
  • "The Viral Virus: QR Codes @ Work" is a comprehensive, step-by-step resource for creating, distributing, and leveraging QR Codes for maximum effectiveness. It teaches you exactly how to dramatically boost any marketing campaign using highly targeted QR marketing tools and strategies.
  • It is specifically designed to help you create effective QR codes and then leverage them to maximum benefit in any marketing campaign, including:
    -Billboard Ads
    -Real Estate Listings/Websites
    -Guerilla Marketing Campaigns
    -Business Cards
    -In-Store Displays
    -Event Ticketing and Tracking
    -Print Ads
    -Special Contests
    -Direct Mail Campaigns
    -Trade Shows
    -Email Marketing.
  • Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:
    -How to use QR Codes to promote specials and coupons
    -Using QR Codes to boost SEO Rankings and increase natural traffic to your website
    -Building your Social Network using QR Codes
    -QR Marketing tips for small "Brick and Mortar" Business
    -Converting Foot Traffic into Web Traffic using PR Codes
    -Tips for improving ROI of QR Codes
    -Learn 100’s of Distribution Strategies for QR Codes
    -Making all Ads interactive using QR Codes and why this helps your bottom line
    -6 QR Marketing mistakes to avoid at all costs
    -How the Big Corporations are using QR Codes and how you can cheaply emulate them and boost profits
    And much more.
  • Price: $19.00 - Get Ebook Now
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The Viral Virus - CB Bestseller
The Viral Virus - CB Bestseller
Price: $19.00