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The 10 Secrets to Big Profits From Online Job Boards
 Name of book:The 10 Secrets to Big Profits From Online Job Boards
 Author:Michael Berland
 Author bio:The author is a 12-year veteran who has owned more than thirty online job boards.
 Blurb:One-of-a-kind ebook that explains how to start your own online job board in about an hour with no experience or technical skills.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Online Job Board, Job Board Software, Online Marketing
  • Creating an online job board in about an hour is a very valuable skill, because once you know how to do it, you can build more sites quickly and easily. Even with unprecedented, super-high demand, and free job board software, the job board business can be tricky. "The 10 Secrets to Big Profits From Online Job Boards" ebook explains the 10 big secrets and how to profit from them. Just by knowing what they are, you're ahead of the game.
  • Here are the secrets:
    Secret #1: The Best Free Job Board Software to Use - Your job board platform is the technology that powers your job board. This book will show you the absolute best one to use. It's free, easy to set up, and will have you up and running the fastest and making the most money. And you'll even have access to unlimited free customer support
    Secret #2: Start a Job Board by Choosing the Best Domain Name - Your domain name can have a big impact on the amount of visitors you get to your site. Itíll show you what names work the best and the best way to acquire one
    Secret #3: How to Create A Job Board in About an Hour - Creating a job board is a snap if you know what youíre doing. But the information required to set up your job board is hard to find. Itíll show you how to set up your job board and integrate it with Facebook and Twitter in about an hour
    Secret #4: The Five Separate Profit Centers - Most people only know about two or three revenue streams with online job boards. Itíll show you the 5 separate revenue streams youíll have at your disposal so that you maximize revenue and arenít dependent on a single product or service to make money
    Secret #5: Revenue! - After you create a job board, getting revenue is all about attracting employers and job seekers to your site, and getting Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Itíll show you the fastest way to achieve all of this so you are generating revenue as quickly as in the first month
    Secret #6: Generate over 1,800 Backlinks to Your Site in Under an Hour, for Free - Having over 1,800 backlinks to your site can lead to over 20,000 pages of your site being indexed by Google. The result is massive amounts of traffic coming to your site through the search engines
    Secret #7: Promote Your Job Board with Facebook and Twitter - Itíll show you the quickest way to get Facebook fans and Twitter followers so that you are constantly driving traffic to your site by utilizing social media to grow revenue
    Secret #8: Job Boards and the Power of the Long Tail - Donít rely entirely on traffic to your home page to attract visitors. Tap into the power of the long tail and have Google deliver traffic from over 1,000 keywords related to your site
    Secret #9: How to Write a Press Release That Gets Maximum Distribution, for Free - Press releases are a great tool that promote your site, establish backlinks, and establish you as a respected expert in your field. Youíll get press release template and a list of the top fourteen free press release distribution sites
    Secret #10: How to Sell Your Job Board for $60,000 or More - The best thing about owning your own online job board is you are creating a website with high resale value. Itíll show you how to sell your site when youíre ready, and how much to sell it for.
  • The job market is very competitive, and creating an online job board is the perfect way to set yourself apart from the other candidates you are competing against. You can set it up quickly, and you'll immediately establish your expertise in business development, social media, and online marketing. These are vital skills that many employers are looking for.
  • Price: $67.00 - Get Ebook Now
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The 10 Secrets to Big Profits From Online Job Boards
The 10 Secrets to Big Profits From Online Job Boards
Price: $67.00