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Sen Ze's Mini-Encyclopedia Of Net Biz
 Name of book:Mini-Encyclopedia of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models
 Author:Sen Ze
 Author bio:He has been an Internet Entrepreneur and Coach for many years.
 Blurb:Discover 19 different Internet Business Models as practised by top Internet Entrepreneurs from around the world.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Internet Business, Internet Entrepreneur
  • Discover also how you can set up your very own low-cost, high-profit Internet Business with this Mini-Encyclopedia even if you've never set one up before, and you have absolutely no web designing or programming skills! You get some jaw-dropping, eye-popping and heart-stopping insights into the world of E-Commerce as practised by TOP Internet Entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • Here's what you will discover in the Mini-Encyclopedia:
    -Discover not 1 or 2 but NINETEEN (19) different, killer Internet Business models that you can study and emulate
    -How you can AUTOMATE your Internet Business 100%
    -How to choose from over 6 different Credit Card processors
    -How you can start accepting credit card payments from your customers with one particular Internet Business Model
    -How you can have 100,000 or more potential customers for your products
    -How to create an Internet Business consisting of just LINKS to other web sites - and make money in the process
    -How to make money by selling different combinations of the LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET using your web site, over and over again
    -How to make your web site visitors willingly market your web site for you for free
    -How to use your passion to fuel you to create a web site that will be the talking point for your target market, and make lots of money in the process, even if you have nothing to sell
    -How to sell a unique product with a one-page web site that answers the FOUR DIFFERENT QUESTIONS your prospects will always have in their minds
    -How to create your web site to set you up as an Expert in your field in your Prospects' minds, to sell lots of your own products or services
    -How you can ride on other people's time and effort in making money for themselves to create even more time and money for yourself
    -How you can make your one-time sale of your product generate MORE one-time sales at the back
    -How you can make your one-time sale of your product turn into RECURRING sales with a few special techniques
    -How you can make your WEB SITE automatically perform some service you normally provide physically, and multiply your efforts a thousand times without any corresponding increase in costs
    -How to send out e-mail to your subscribers with their permission for FREE - and make lots of money with it
    -How to get your subscribers to willingly PAY for the e-mails you send them
    -How to make money by buying and selling Domain Names
    -How you can make money using the Internet - WITHOUT SELLING any product
    -How you can make money using the Internet - without HAVING TO PAY a Web Designer or Programmer to create a web site for you.
  • You'll also learn:
    -How you can make money using the Internet - WITHOUT ANY WEB SITE at all
    -A TOP web site where your target market go to BY THE TRUCKLOADS to search FOR YOUR Product
    -How you can start your Internet Business - with a ZERO SET UP budget
    -If you're a Consultant (tax consultant, lawyer, financial planner, etc):
    people WITHOUT more effort and earn MORE money in the process
    -If you provide a physical service to your Customers to make a living
    -How to give FREE and DETAILED, STEP-BY-STEP instructions to your Prospects with the sole intention of giving them the ability to handle their problem themselves
    -How to make lots of money just by CHATTING with others with the same interest as you do
    -How to allow others to use your on-line software for FREE - and make LOTS of money in the process
    -And much more.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Sen Ze's Mini-Encyclopedia Of Net Biz
Sen Ze's Mini-Encyclopedia Of Net Biz
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