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Start Consulting
 Name of book:Start Consulting: Your Guide to a Successful Future in Consulting
 Author:Chris Morton
 Author bio:He is running his own consulting business for 14 years.

 Blurb:eBook on how to start a successful consulting firm.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Consulting Service, Business Consulting
  • If you want to start your own consulting firm now ... then "Start-Consulting" is the guide that will help you achieve your goal in double quick time. It covers everything you need to know and will have you on-track to success in hours. The guide shows you:
    -How to become a successful consultant with a thriving firm of your own
    -How to plan and develop a consulting service that will become the provider of all you require in life and more
    -How you can do this without any consulting experience at all
    -How you can reduce the risk and maximise the financial return
    -How you can find customers.
  • The guide takes you step by step to setting up your business showing you how to:
    -Set your objectives for your business
    -Think about time management
    -Decide what services to sell
    -Set your business on course for certain success
    -How to charge for your services
    -Promote your services
    -Progress projects successfully
    -It ends with the essential step-by-step guide that will lead you to success.
  • Consulting is a very self and financially rewarding career. With the help of this book you will know 14 points that many consultants never discover in a lifetime:
    -Seven ways to prove your credibility to potential clients so you gain a more rapid flow of profitable assignments
    -Eight internal attributes for success
    -The five crucial questions to ask yourself before you start to do a thing
    -Working with other consultants - the death traps and solutions for success
    -The most overlooked aspect of your chosen target market
    -A new way to look at how you use your time - and how to make your clients respect you
    -How to develop your key package so it will propel you to the greatest height of success
    -Consulting-specific issues to cover when setting your business on the right path
    -How to charge for your services
    -How to handle the client who asks for a discount - don't believe they won't!
    -How to choose the service that will give you the highest earnings
    -23 pages devoted to 'how to promote your business'
    -A 6 page quick-referral plan pin-pointing 27 different and effective ways to promote your consulting service
    -12 page guide to handling a project from how to write a winning proposal, winning at an interview, planning and completing the project, to selling the next project!
  • With Consulting guide you will be able to:
    -Be able to get your business started in double quick time
    -Avoid the costly errors made by most of the rest of us
    -Know that you'll enjoy success rather than the constant and nagging worry that affects so many start up businesses.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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