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Real Home Business Ideas for Moms
 Name of book:Get Paid To Write!: Become A Ghostwriter
 Author:Nicole Dean
 Author bio:The author is owner of . Nicole has been helping women and especially moms to achieve success online since 2004.
 Blurb:We teach Moms to work from home with their own home-based business online. Santa Letter Business, Start a Recipe or Craft Blog. Virtual Assistant (va and Admin Work) and Transcriptionist (Typing). Be a Wahm and make money online!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • With "Get Paid To Write!: Become A Ghostwriter" you’ll learn exactly the steps to take to successfully start a Ghostwriting business and get paid to do it. It'll give you a fast and proven way to get paid for your good writing skills. Website owners and bloggers are looking for you. Get your writing business up and running now. With our e-guide you’ll learn how to find the market you love and be the leading Ghostwriter in your niche. Create a business that will start generating income for you fast.
  • Here’s what you’ll learn from this e-guide:
    -6 areas and industries that hire ghostwriters
    -How to charge the right amount to make a profit
    -What steps to take to break into ghostwriting
    -10 traits to determine if you have the right personality to become a good ghostwriter
    -Ideas and resources to help you determine what type of writing you do best
    -Outlined instructions to get your business started correctly
    -Why a portfolio is important and how to create one
    -Ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd
    -10 ways to help you market your business – many of them for free
    -Information to help you plan your business growth and expansion
    -10 tips to make your business successful – including mistakes to avoid
    -Where to find writing resources
    You’ll also get a Checklist to help you set up your business and 17 bonus articles focused on building your ghostwriting business.
  • Price: $14.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Real Home Business Ideas for Moms
Real Home Business Ideas for Moms
Price: $14.95