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Digital Photography Success
 Name of book:Digital Photography Success
 Author:Amy Renfrey
 Author bio:Amy Renfrey is the author of two major successful ebooks “Digital Photography Success” and “Advanced Digital Photography”. She is a photographer and also teaches digital photography. Her educational ebooks takes the most complex photography terms and turns them into easy to understand language so that anyone, at any level of photography, can easily move to a semi-professional level of skill in just a very short time. She’s photographed many things from famous musicians (Drummers for Prince and Anastasia) to weddings and portraits of babies. Amy also teaches photography online to her students which can be found at her websites.

 Blurb:How To Take Photos With Superb Clarity And Detail Even If You've Never Used A Digital Camea Before
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Digital Photography, Photography
  • Digital Photography Success is in two parts and is 174 pages with 11 extensive chapters. It covers everything you need to know to inexpensively create stunning shots with your digital camera. In "Digital Photography Success", you'll discover all types of exciting, and amazing things you never knew before. Including step by step instructions on how to take pictures of beautiful landscapes, people, nature shots, fireworks, night time photography etc, etc. It's not about what to take, but how to get them looking to a professional quality and what you have to do to get them looking like that.
  • With "Digital Photography Success" you can:
    -You will be able to take landscape shots that are wide, majestic and powerful, that inspire and create a sense of awe
    -You will be able to take night shots that are sharp and crystal clear; as a professional photographer would
    -You will have the ability to create any image or effect with the camera that you want to, just by applying a few simple principles you learn in the eBook
    -You will develop such great skill that you would be able to get your work to a standard for exhibition or sale.
  • You will learn:
    -How to make landscapes go from a flat line to a dramatic, majestic "rock-your-soul" scene leaving you inspired and in awe
    -The Technical stuff made really simple
    -Discover the secrets to flower photography with digital
    -Learn the other hidden flower photography secrets so you easily bring out their beauty and splendor
    -How to get fantastic, natural, relaxed shots of people of any age
    -Learn what you can do to relax nervous people who want photos done of themselves
    -How to create interesting background in digital portrait shots
    -How traditional portrait photography is different from digital portrait photography
    -The truth about digital zoom
    -Learn how take superb fireworks shots every time, giving you beautiful trails, sparkling colours and gorgeous light
    -The very guarded secret that professionals use in taking perfect shots at certain times of the day
    -How to excel in night photography; getting your night shots crystal clear
    -Composing a great shot
    -How to create 'Art' with your camera
    -The amazing cool stuff you can do in black and white
    -Learn the art of giving your digital photos the timeless and classic look
    -Why digital cameras don't always pick up clear detail when you use the zoom function- and what you can do to stop this from happening.
    -The best filters and lenses to use for skyscapes, seascapes, and clouds, making them stand out as if you were there in person.
    -Discover what it is that transforms ordinary shots of landscapes and beachscapes into something extraordinary
    -The secret of taking great time lapse photos with any digital
    -Know what to do when you want great effects but are on a limited budget
    -The secrets of your beach photo looking like a postcard
    -You'll learn what amazing photo opportunities the seasons offer you and what to look for to take advantage of cold and hot weather in digital photography.
  • Price: $77.00 - Get Ebook Now
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