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Home >> Entertainment >> Humor >> Cartoon Drawing Secrets
Cartoon Drawing Secrets
 Name of book:Cartoon Drawing Secrets
 Author:Lou Darvas
 Blurb:Secrets of cartoon drawing made easy. Amaze, fascinate all your friends and loved ones today!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Drawing, Cartoon Drawing
  • This newly released work called “Cartoon Drawing Secrets” by Lou Darvas is the quickest and easiest way to learn cartoons drawing. Inside this magnificent work you’ll get over 200 detailed step-by-step illustrations of drawing near life-like cartoons people, figures, or even animals, while capturing their unique personality, mood and character at the same time. Absolutely everything any cartoonist would need.
  • Here's a quick look at some of the powerful stuff you'll find in this manual:
    -Learn about the system that can teach you the Art of Cartooning
    -See how a few crazy lines can TRANSFORM themselves into people, and things
    -Learn the right way of Pen and Brush handling, and how to give your cartoons a touch more of Life - all the secrets revealed
    -The 3 most effective methods of constructing the head in all of its positions
    -Plus learn to turn the head in any direction, and draw the eyes, noses, hair and chin, using the same system
    -How to animate the face, and draw out the expression and moods
    -The easy and simple way to draw the comic hand
    -The astoundingly easy way to draw feet and shoes, without having to know anatomy
    -The secret of obtaining a touch of reality while drawing feet and shoes
    -The effective methods of drawing cartoon people
    -The secrets of handling wrinkles and clothings
    -How to make your figures look like they really mean what they are doing
    -How to draw the complete figure in different actions and positions, and even exaggerated figures to impress
    -The unusual method of drawing figures in action to add to the action
    -The difference between a child's head and a grown up's
    -The simple methods of drawing any comic animals that you desire
    -How to draw the woman that you like
    -Stock "types" cartoons, TV comics, Advertising comics, Gag type cartoons, the Art of Caricaturing
    And many more.
  • You'll get the revolutionary "Cartoon Drawing Secrets" material. Complete with over 200 detailed illustrations of drawing, in the FASTEST, easiest manner possible– perfect for every Cartoonist.
  • Price: $17.95 - Get Ebook Now
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