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Diabetic Cooking Guide
 Name of book:Diabetic Cooking Guide: Essential Guide to Planning, Shopping and Cooking
 Author:Joanna Marazzi
 Author bio:The author is a Diabetic patient.
 Blurb:Essential Guide to Planning, Shopping and Cooking.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Diabetic Cooking Guide: Essential Guide to Planning, Shopping and Cooking" is a 75+ page book covers everything you'll ever need to know about taking control of your diabetes for life. It's filled with hundreds of resources to get you started toward health, weight loss, and happiness. It doesn't matter whether you're suffering from Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), the effects of diabetes on your health, diet, and lifestyle can be a real drag.
  • You'll discover:
    -Over 75+ pages of valuable information to put you on the path to good health and happiness…much of it finger-licking-good
    -Dozens and dozens of mouth-watering, good-for-you recipes that will quickly become family favorites. Including important diabetic calorie, saturated fat, and carbohydrate information for every recipe
    -5 easy-to-follow chapters that help you understand what you can do to take control of your diabetes with simple tips, tricks, and tutorials
    -An entire chapter dedicated to exercise even the biggest couch potatoes will enjoy…and lose weight, too
    -Diabetic cooking resources to equip you with everything you need to know to keep healthy, happy, active and eating delicious food
    -Everything you need to know to quickly and easily change your lifestyle for the better-good times are just a meal away
    -Answers to all of your frequently asked questions, so you never have to be in the dark about eating or cooking right ever again
    And so much more.
  • Here's a small sampling of what you'll find within this book:
    -Understand which 5 important areas of your health can see big benefits with just a little exercise
    -Learn 10 simple ways to fight fat and how to keep it off for good
    -Find out how easy it can be to improve your cardiovascular health while toning those thighs and arms
    -Discover 11 basic stretches that will take the tightness out of any muscle
    -Understand the causes and symptoms of diabetes so you can know exactly you can do to live a long, healthy life
    -Learn who is at risk of diabetes so you can start your prevention plan right now
    -Find out how to make the perfect breakfast to ensure a perfect day for yourself
    -Discover 13 tips to a healthier lifestyle that will have you dancing for joy in no time at all
    -Learn 13 amazing strengthening and conditioning techniques to tone every part of the body
    -Find out how to master carb and sugar intake to be in charge of your body at all times
    -Discover how you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods without sacrificing flavor or variety while still keeping your diabetes under control
    -Learn 4 simple steps to keeping Diabetes under control to lead a more active life than you ever thought possible
    -Find out how you can stay off your medication forever with a simple change in lifestyle
    -Discover one of the best-kept secrets to long-term health
    -Learn a step-by-step exercise program that will have you feeling better than ever in just a few short weeks
    -Find out if fad diets are just hype or worth their weight in gold
    -Discover the little trick to portion control so you will never be hungry again
    -Learn the 2 most important points you need to remember about meals to feel great all day long, every day
    -Find out what 4 commonly available tools can help you live an independent, active, and healthy life
    -Discover the secret to eating foods rich in fiber and how it will help you take the pounds off fast.
  • Price: $19.97 - Get Ebook Now
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