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Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe Mistakes
 Name of book:Espresso Business Mistakes: Learn Secrets to Save $257,000
 Author:Skip Pratt and Debbie Stall
 Author bio:Debbie has worked in the café. Skip spent helping in the shop, doing the marketing, public relations and accounting.
 Blurb:Book On 49 Mistakes We Made In The Espresso Coffee Shop Cafe Business Plus 29 Recipes, Forms, Checklist.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Espresso Business Mistakes: Learn Secrets to Save $257,000" is 90 packed pages of solid, real world, and frankly, often times very embarassing disclosures about author's coffee shop learning experiences. It reveals every trick, secret and short cut that you can take to run a profitable and professional coffee shop and espresso café. "Espresso Business Mistakes" hand over to you, in writing, 49 significant mistakes the author's made in their coffee shop and espresso café business.
  • Inside the book, you'll find:
    -On page 33, we give you Mistake # 19 that could possibly sentence you to US federal bankruptcy court
    -On page 12, we give you Mistake # 5 that drove us crazy for the first 6 months of our operations trying to figure out how we went so wrong. This is one of the three major keys to success
    -Failing to understand Mistake #10 will make you have to constantly find new customers
    -Mistakes # 12 and 13 nearly put us in the insane asylum. The author's had NO IDEA the property owner and property tenants in our shopping center could cost us so much money and make our lives this miserable
    -You could spend $9,000 on Mistake # 22
    -Mistake #37 is a license to print cash, once you learn and understand how to use it
    -Mistake # 49 was the single largest waste of $6,000. Don’t make the same mistake in your coffee shop or espresso café.
  • "Espresso Business Mistakes", will tell you:
    -The value of writing a business plan
    -How much effort to put into your financial projections
    -The stinking local government agencies and how they can foil a legitimate and well intentioned and helpful service to your customers
    -What you should and shouldn't expect from your suppliers
    -What type of equipment you should and shouldn’t buy
    -1 tip, that would have saved author's over $40,000
    -Who is your real competition?
    -10 industry and trade web sites that will save you dozens of hours to find key suppliers, marketing ideas, conventions and trade shows
    -The best ways to find local and national suppliers
    -The single item you need to lower your Liability Insurance premium by as much as 40%, saving you as much as $4,800 per year.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe Mistakes
Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe Mistakes
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