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Save Thousands Grocery Shopping
 Name of book:Save Thousands Grocery Shopping and Cook Great Food!
 Author:Lana Dorazio
 Blurb:This site sells an information packed ebook about saving money grocery shopping.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Save Thousands Grocery Shopping and Cook Great Food!" is the only resource you'll need to start saving significant time and money grocery shopping. The grocery bill is usually the third highest monthly expense in a family's budget. With the help of this book get the same great-tasting, healthy food you are already buying but for a lot less money. Save on groceries just by following a simple buying strategy. The strategies in this ebook work whether you live in Clovis, New Mexico, Boise, Idaho or Richmond, Virginia.
  • Here's what you'll find in this ebook:
    -Uncover the two strategies every grocery store uses to get you to pay insane amounts of money for groceries, and start beating them at their own game (page 12)
    -Learn the sure-fire technique to finding the true bargains without falling for the imposters (page 17)
    -Learn to quickly and easily compare prices and avoid getting suckered by tricky pricing (page 18)
    -Discover some of the hottest deals in town that you never knew existed (page 32)
    -A simple strategy to eliminate those last minute grocery store runs that steal so much valuable time (page 37, 43)
    -Overcome the #1 Mistake shoppers make that causes them to pay double for the groceries others buy at half the price (page 30)
    -How answering one simple question can eliminate dozens of budget busters (page 22)
    -Learn when to and when NOT to shop warehouse clubs (page 25)
    -Discover where to buy a basket full of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables that puts grocery store produce to shame for LESS money (page 35)
    -Tap into valuable online resources that will answer almost any question you have about food (page 45)
    -Money-saving recipes for home-made cleaners that just require you to pour, stir, and shake a bottle (page 41)
    -The "right" way to stock your kitchen that not only takes advantage of sales cycles but gives you peace of mind that you can provide for your family! (page 43)
    -How to harness your creativity to save in ways that everyone else overlooks (page 45, 46, 52)
    -Quickly and easily overcome your fears of cooking from scratch, even if you are a complete novice (page 55)
    -The #1 secret that can make or break any meal (page 60)
    -A step-by-step game plan that virtually guarantees your success in saving $$$ thousands of dollars on groceries (page 47)
    This is just a small sample of how you will be empowered by "Save Thousands Grocery Shopping and Cook Great Food!".
  • Price: $19.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Save Thousands Grocery Shopping
Save Thousands Grocery Shopping
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