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Home >> Society >> Charity >> How to write a successful sponsorship proposal and get a sponsor
How to write a successful sponsorship proposal and get a sponsor
 Name of book:How To Write A Successful Sponsorship Proposal And Get A Sponsor
 Author:Vern Taber
 Author bio:The author has 20 years of experience, knowledge and skills in the sponsorship industry.
 Blurb:This original guide will help anyone to get a sponsor. Designed for sports clubs, groups, schools, charities, explorers - almost anyone, this guide details a Six Phase Plan to secure sponsorship $ and product - all a result of 15 years in the industry.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "How To Write A Successful Sponsorship Proposal And Get A Sponsor" e-book will show you the steps you need to take to produce and sell a viable, professional, tangible, valuable sponsorship opportunity. This e-book will show you what to do, how to do it, and the common mistakes that people make when applying for sponsorship, all in a clear, concise and to-the-point way that anyone can understand. This professional, strategic guide to sponsorship will help your sponsorship strategy and objectives really take shape.
  • This e-book will be of immense value to:
    -Arts organisations
    -Art Galleries
    -Sporting teams and clubs
    -Community groups
    -Not For Profits (NFPs)
    -Non Government Organisations (NGOs)
    -Government departments
    -Companies who organise their own publicity events
    -Explorers and adventurers
    -Talented individuals
    -Event Organisers
    -Trade Show or Expo Organisers
    -Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs)
    -Tournament Directors
    -Anyone else who thinks they might have something that a potential sponsor may be interested in buying.
  • This guide will show you:
    -Why you should stop and not do anything with your sponsorship proposal right away
    -What you should be doing first
    -How you can get inspired by the best ideas from the best practitioners in the sponsorship industry
    -How to apply a Six Phase Plan to simply and strategically develop and produce your sponsorship product
    -How you can create a sponsorship property that will be appealing to relevant, strategic sponsors
    -How you can create a product, like the cereal you buy in your supermarket, which will look great, be professional, be appealing to potential customers and be priced fairly and competitively
    -How you can create sub-products that will 'widen the net' as far as possible to engage with, and interest, different sponsors from different categories
    -How you can offer tangible benefits to your sponsors that are extensive, clear and will make them sit up and listen!
    -How you can clearly differentiate your sponsorship tiers to get the most money possible
    -What kind of benefits you should be offering, that will make the difference between success and failure
    -How you can increase the reach of your organisation and that of your sponsor
    -How to structure your sponsorship offering, to maximise opportunities for sponsors
    -Why you should be flexible with your benefits and use it as a starting point only
    -How you can easily lengthen the list of benefits that you are able to offer
    -How you should price your sponsorship opportunities and products
    -How you should be asking for the money
    -How long you should ask your sponsors to enter into an agreement for
    -How you should market your property to the corporate marketplace
    -Why most sponsorship proposals sit on a desk for a few weeks and then get a NO letter
    -How to pro-actively sell your property
    -What else you should be doing while you’re out selling
    -How to speak, and position yourself, as a sponsorship specialist
    -Which companies you should really be targeting and how
    -Why you shouldn't be sending out 100 proposals to everyone you can think of
    -What you sponsor wants and needs to know from you on a daily, monthly and yearly basis
    -What else you should be doing to raise funds within your organisation
    -How you can start simply, TODAY, to produce a strategic sponsorship proposal that will help you to get a sponsor.
  • Price: $22.00 - Get Ebook Now
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How to write a successful sponsorship proposal and get a sponsor
How to write a successful sponsorship proposal and get a sponsor
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