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Making Oboe Reeds
 Name of book:Making Oboe Reeds:A basic guide to reed making
 Author:Joseph Shalita
 Author bio:Mr. Shalita is on the faculty of the National Center for the Arts teaching chamber music, and the Ollin Yolitzly School of music in Mexico City as Professor of oboe and chamber music.

 Blurb:Learn how to make American long scrape style oboe reeds.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Oboe Reeds, Reed Making
  • "Making Oboe Reeds" will give you the knowledge to be able to make reeds. This 116 page, step-by-step manual, teaches you not only how to scrape the reed, but also how to honestly evaluate it. Several different methods of reed making are covered in the book, because there is more than one way of going about it. Over 80 pictures and graphics are also used to help explain the reed making process.
  • It contains specific information on how to make American-style, long-scraped oboe reeds. This book teaches a very typical "Philadelphia" style of reed making that was first developed by Marcel Tabuteau of the Philadelphia Orchestra in the early 1900's. This style has developed into what is known as the "American" style characterized by the long scrape.
  • There are also sound clips embedded into the ebook of reed crows. The crow of the reed is the most important information source we have when scraping the cane, so it is important to hear and learn what the crow should sound like.
  • Here are some of the topics which are covered in the ebook:
    -How to look at and evaluate the reed objectively
    -How to balance a reed
    -How to use the crow of the reed to tell you what to do
    -How to make your air, embouchure, and reed work together
    -How to make reeds at high altitudes
    -How to systematize your reed making to obtain more consistent results
    -How to stop worrying about reeds.
  • Price: $25.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Making Oboe Reeds
Making Oboe Reeds
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