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Easily Discover Your Family Tree Roots Today
 Name of book:Family Trees: A Beginner's Guide
 Author:Robert Owen Thomas
 Blurb:Many families today have lost touch with their past. They just don't know that much about where they came from. Genealogy offers a wonderful way to uncover the roots of a Family Tree.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Family Trees: A Beginner's Guide" is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide that you can use to discover your family tree. It explains exactly what you must do to discover your family tree and record it for future generations. This guide reveals step-by-step:
    -How to begin your genealogical research
    -Exactly where to look to learn more about your family members
    -How to find and access online genealogy databases
    -How to conduct international genealogy research without spending your life savings on travel
    -How to go high tech to create your family tree even if you don't know the first thing about computers
    -How to start keeping family records for future generations
    And much, much more.
  • Here is more of what you will learn:
    -The fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to trace your heritage
    -When you should consider hiring a genealogist and when not to waste your money
    -How to find and properly use valuable research tools that will make your research dramatically easier
    -How discovering your family tree will benefit you, your family and future generations
    -How to use the Internet to speed up your family tree research even if you've never surfed the "information superhighway" before
    -How to ensure you always get the best results for your search efforts. Find out here how to avoid wasting your time and money needlessly
    -How the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and other organizations can help you in your family tree research
    -How to verify and prove your family history
    -How to avoid making costly mistakes that other family tree researchers often make. This information could save you a great deal of time and frustration later on
    -How to ensure you get started off on the right foot when tracing your family tree. Find out how to ensure you get started properly here
    And much, much more.
  • You'll also learn:
    -How to uncover even hard-to-find family information using easy-to-follow strategies and techniques
    -What genealogy really is as well as the history of genealogy itself
    -The basics of genealogical research including common genealogical terms, references to have on hand, how to write a query letter, standards for genealogical research and much more
    -Great places to look for information on family members
    -The best online genealogy databases and how to get the most from them
    -Common obstacles to researching your family tree and how to overcome them quickly and easily
    -How to put it all into practice and start researching your family lineage like a professional genealogist
    -What every family tree researcher must know to be successful
    -Complete blueprints for how to research and create your family tree
    -Step-by-step, easy-to-understand research methods that will allow you to create your family tree faster and easier than you probably dared dream possible.
  • Price: $19.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Easily Discover Your Family Tree Roots Today
Easily Discover Your Family Tree Roots Today
Price: $19.95