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Sell Anything Fast
 Name of book:Sell It Fast: How to sell almost anything with effective low-cost classified ads
 Author:James B. Savage
 Blurb:Learn how to sell almost anything with low-cost Classified Ads. Find out where to advertise free in your town or surrounding area. Get rid of your unwanted items. Sell your car, boat, appliance, furniture, motorcycle, and more the easy way.
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  • "Sell It Fast: How to sell almost anything with effective low-cost classified ads" discover how to sell almost anything you have. This the only book you will ever need to help you clearly, and simply KNOW how to:
    -Quickly find the right buyers for whatever you are selling
    -Advertise FREE or at very little out of pocket cost
    -Easily make your ad Stand Out from all others
    And discover the only tried and true, proven, methods. Discover how you can use classified ads to create a consistent, part time, extra income if you like.
  • "Sell It Fast" teaches you how to take a passion and turn it into a business. Re-selling items can be very profitable when you know the ins and outs of classified advertising. It gives YOU the power to sell effectively and profitably EVERY single time by sharing the secret formulas with you. It will forever change the way you look at classified advertising.
    -Whether you just want to sell the things around the house you no longer need or want anymore...
    -Or if you want to sell equipment from your business to get capital for growth
    -Or if you just want peace of mind from knowing how to sell for a profit quickly and easily, in the comfort of your home without wasting time and money.
  • Here are more great benefits you'll get:
    -Discover The Art of Creative Selling so you can successfully sell almost ANYTHING you want to, easily and quickly and for top dollar
    -End your struggles of trying to write a winning classified ad
    -You can write your own perfect ad in a snap with my "Easy Ad Forms" which use proven layouts and ad structures to guarantee your ad's are the absolute best they can be
    -No more wasting time and money advertising with unproven, un-tested, weak or ineffective ad's. You now have proven ads and insider tricks and tips on how to place your ads so they get RESULTS (knowing where to place your ads is sometimes MORE important than the ad itself!)
    -Learn how to use FREE and LOW-COST advertising effectively and how to find these secret tools used by ad-maniacs
    -Discover how to ATTRACT only INTERESTED Buyers
    -2 Critical things you MUST do to your ad to make it work like a MAGNET attracting your target market buyers
    -Find out proven methods for reducing or even eliminating altogether unnecessary, time-wasting, calls from people who are not ready to buy yet
    -Discover powerful, results getting, hidden places where you can advertise for little or no cost that get GREAT responses
    -Learn how to price your used or unwanted items so they sell FAST and for Top Dollar
    -Discover the keys to the vault for selling anything successfully using classified ads online or offline in this comprehensive, 141 page manual, that covers it ALL for you
    -Find out the #1 Secret to getting the best price on your car and other items
    And a whole lot more.
  • Price: $17.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Sell Anything Fast
Sell Anything Fast
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