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Ultimate Money Making Newspaper Ads
 Name of book:Ultimate Money Making Newspaper Ads
 Author:David Fowler
 Author bio:David is a newspaper ads guy. His author of the best selling book, Newspaper Ads That Make Sales Jump!
 Blurb:What all businesses are begging for, sales from their Newspaper Ads. The Nations #1 Ad Guy David Fowler goes into detail and shows you how using his techniques will increase your sales by 300%.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Advertising, Newspaper Ads
  • "Ultimate Moneymaking Newspaper Ads" book reveals EVERYTHING you need to know to start creating ads that make money consistently right from the start. It'll tell you exactly, specifically what to do to make your newspaper ads generate more leads than you’ve seen before. You’ll be amazed at the money you can actually make. It gives instant access to years of experience and knowledge that will let you by-pass the mistakes most advertisers make.
  • Learn the secret strategies to generate more leads and sales and make more money from your ads. The book reveals:
    -Most people don’t know that the newspaper is the ultimate “direct response” medium. Find out why. And find out what direct response ad principles you can use immediately to produce far greater response than you’re presently getting
    -Newspaper readers don’t “read”; they “scan”. Find out how to make your ad instantly “scan-able” so that more people will be attracted to your ads
    -Find out what “type” of ad outperforms all other ads by a mile and find out which types of ads don’t work
    -Most ads fail because ad creators have no idea what the ad’s real “purpose” is. The answer will make all the difference to the success of your business
    -There are 2 kinds of “lead generating” ads. You’ll find out the strategies for both and how to use these killer ads to skyrocket response
    -Find out what really “motivates” people to respond to ads
    -Convert more first time customers to long term customers who spend more
    -Certain words stop readers cold and arouse their interest. You need to learn what they are and use them in your ads
    -Learn how to use headlines to “qualify” only those prospects who will spend more money with you, more often
    -There are certain words, that when used in headlines, turn people off? Find out what they are
    -Step-by-step tips to creating an irresistible offer
    -Discover the most powerful and magnetic words and phrases to use in your headlines. In your subheads. In your copy
    -Find out what “psychological triggers” work best in headlines
    -The million dollar question is answered: learn the single most effective offer you can present in your ads to cause massive response
    -Headlines can be long or short. Do you know how many words your headline needs to pull the right readers?
    -What type faces work best in headlines? Subheads? Which don’t?
  • Further you'll:
    -Learn if your business needs a short copy or a long copy ad. The answer makes all the difference to response
    -How to use price bundles to improve response
    -Find out why an “unexplained” offer turns people off—no matter how enticing the offer may look on paper
    -Learn how to prepare effective “short copy” ads
    -Find out how to prepare “long-copy” ads and learn why long copy ads, more often than not, bring in more sales than short copy ads
    -There are hundreds of typefaces you could use. But which typefaces do readers prefer? Which ones cause readers to “exit” ads fast?
    -Why ads that look like editorials work far better than ads that look like “ads”
    -How to use customer testimonials in your headlines and body copy to soar response rates!
    -The niche of your business determines your success. You’ll see exactly how to fine-tune or create a niche that “hypnotically attracts” the right customers to your business
    -Why use an 800#?
    -Easily get readers to use your coupons to explode your sales
    -Shortcuts to writing a headlines even if you’re not a good writer!
    -Prepare layouts using simple “eye tricks” that make sales soar
    -Why using percentages off can, and often do, confuse prospects
    -Ideal number of words per ad
    -Sizing your ad. Should it be a small space ad? A large ad? What shape?
    -What factors to consider when choosing pictures or graphics for your ad. Big pictures? Small pictures? Photos? Illustrations? What?
    -Where to place pictures in ads for maximum impact. Where not to
    -How to increase sales by 30% using inexpensive gifts, premiums or bonuses
    -Why you’re an ad away from making a LOT of money
    -Did you know that a “logo” in most ads will kill response? Find out why
    -Find out how to inexpensively “pre-test” your ads to see what works and what doesn’t work—before you spend money in the newspaper.
  • Price: $39.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Ultimate Money Making Newspaper Ads
Ultimate Money Making Newspaper Ads
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