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Start Making Money Shooting Industrial Product Photography
 Name of book:Start Making Money Shooting Industrial Product Photography
 Author:Stephen Spreadbury
 Author bio:The author is a professional photographer.
 Blurb:Always in demand, become a high paying Industrial Product Photographer. We'll show you what equipment you'll need, how to setup and get the shot, and how to market yourself.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • If you want to start making great money as a professional photographer, then Industrial Product Photography is the way to go. It is lucrative, consistant and always in demand. "Start Making Money Shooting Industrial Product Photography", 75 page book has over 130 photos, drawings and screen captures to help turn you into a product shooting pro. From production to marketing, the book covers everything.
  • You'll learn about:
    -Ten product photography shoots from beginning to end, covering the shoot, lighting, setup and all the Photoshop work
    -Shooting and combining eight separate images in Photoshop to create one of the most perfectly lit images that youíll ever see
    -Even if you have a low megabyte camera, youíll be able to shoot images that are two to three times larger then you normally can
    -How to light stainless steel and chrome
    -How to setup an image to print as a 3D lenticular postcard
    -Camera and lighting equipment, (Canons or Nikons work great)
    -Using paths in Photoshop to remove backgrounds perfectly
    -How to setup and design press print jobs in Photoshop
    -How to use lens flares for effect
    -How to market your new product photography business and why there is a growing market for you
    -What not to say to your client during your first meeting and when to give them your quote
    -Creating your first product portfolio and web site
    -Resources for photography equipment, printers (press) and web design software and hosting
    -Shooting table top and large products
    -Creating the illusion of a cut away to expose hidden components in your customerís equipment
    -Self-promotion, pricing and much more
    -Shooting and inserting the perfect computer monitor graphics
    -Adding flares to turn a good shot into a great, spectacular shot
    -Shooting white paper without loosing detail
    -How creating concept shots can really add to your portfolio.
  • Price: $19.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Start Making Money Shooting Industrial Product Photography
Start Making Money Shooting Industrial Product Photography
Price: $19.95