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Awesome Magic Tricks To Amaze Your Friends
 Name of book:Tarot Reading Made Easy
 Author:Johnnie Gentle
 Author bio:The author is a retired Professional Magician.
 Blurb:A unique collection of over 30 amazing Magic Tricks and e-books, with step-by-step illustrated instruction plus hints and tips about Pro magical performance. Entertain and baffle any audience and amaze your friends.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • With "Tarot Reading Made Easy" get all the necessary instructions and tips for tarot reading in one comprehensive and easy-to-follow ebook. This Tarot manual will help you to learn the basis for Tarot reading very quickly and easily. All the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Cards are explained to you and you'll discover simple memory aids that the professionals use to help them interpret the meanings. You'll get the insider secrets.
  • With "Tarot Reading Made Easy" discover how the tarot cards really work. You'll
    -Learn about how the Tarot cards really work
    -Find out why the same card can mean different things for different people
    -Learn how to determine what the card means to you
    -Discover easy ways to memorize the cards and their meanings
    -Discover how to handle card combinations
    -Understand the truth about psychic abilities and powers
    -Learn what to do when you encounter a "Bad Reading"
    -Know if you’re reading the cards right.
  • The manual will also show you how to:
    -Learn to use simple tarot card layouts and spreads
    -Understand about reading for yourself and how to avoid the dangers of that
    -Find out how to make up your own tarot spreads and interpretations
    -Learn how to do Tarot readings for others
    -Your friends will be queuing in line, eager to have you do a reading for them
    -Quickly you'll become proficient at Tarot Reading and build a good reputation and a handsome income, if you so desire.
  • You'll discover:
    -Amazing insights about your Past and learn how to look positively and with eager anticipation at what may be waiting for you in your future
    -The cards can help you remove negative thinking and literally change your life
    -Easily see where your life is heading in every important aspect - Romance, Finance, Family, Career, Health and Purpose
    -Become the centre of attention at parties
    -You'll be particularly popular with all the ladies
    -Your friends will be begging you to do a reading for them
    -You'll be in constant demand and sought after for your advice and knowledge
    -You'll be able to earn money wherever you go
    -Learn how to use Tarot to increase your own psychic abilities.
  • Price: $9.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Awesome Magic Tricks To Amaze Your Friends
Awesome Magic Tricks To Amaze Your Friends
Price: $9.97